Every Indian wants a own home

Thanks to various options of easy home loans home loans, many Indians are buying their own homes. Now Indians are becoming more aware of the advantages of real estate and purchasing properties. Therefore, more and more number of people are opting for home loans home loans or other loans to get a property or home. Some of the young Indians have even completed their dreams of home with the help of these home loans. Though interest rates on loans have increased in last years by little percentage but still there is no decrease in the number of people searching for good home loan options. Home loans have become a good business for many banks in India. Few of them are ICICI, LIC housing finance, HDFC and SBI. In earlier days it took years for people to make their dream of own home gets realized. All this is made possible by easy and hassle free home loans home loans. People are required to produce only a salary slip or three years income tax return, bank statement and few checks. Many loans are passed by banks every day ranging from a lakh rupee to few crores. At present the interest rate on housing loans is between 8 to 9%. Moreover, all this has given boast to construction industry in India. Many new houses and building are coming up to take care of the rising demand for new and good house. All this has also caused in the higher appreciation in the value for land. Buying a land is 10 to 100 times expensive as compared to ten years back and in city like Delhi, Calcutta, and Bangalore the appreciation is even much higher. Some people are using real estate to increase their wealth because many wealth management services are encouraging people to hold properties for future. Still there are many Indians those did not have their homes but with the rise in earning power and easy home loans options, we can expect many new home owners.

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