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Can I motivate you?

No, the answer is straight forward no. Then how I can help? No my dear friends I also can not help. Then why I am writing all this? Here is the answer. I want you to search the answers yourself because who is I am to tell you, what should you do or not do? I want you to search the answers inside your heart. I want you to search for the answer for why you should need motivation? Let’s understand this example why you aspire for healthy and delicious food because you want to make your good healthy and strong and simultaneously you want to satisfy your taste buds. The answer of above questions lies in it. Motivation is a good and healthy food for life and strong satisfier for your spiritual self. It makes our life healthy and strong. As everyone wants healthy and strong body similarly everyone also wants a healthy and strong life. A good dose of motivation can do it. Motivation may be of any kind from parents, from a love or from a strong desire. A well motivated person can achieve things

Nature plays a great balancing act

Nature has an eye which sees everyone on this earth with equal importance. For it no one is more important. Nature decisions are totally independent of any bias. It punishes the guilty and rewards the good one. Many people in this world do lot of wrong doings in life and think that they will come out of all this without any difficulty. But nature play its role make guilty person responsible for his crimes like many people earn lot of money by using wrong means, however when comes the time to use this money both sons of that person die. I have seen many live examples of these kinds. Many people become rich in front of me by black marketing. It took years for them to grow to this level but nature took all of them in seconds. Nature has its clear law; no one can run from its justice. Sometimes it looks that the person has earned lot of money by wrong doing and nothing is happening to him. Always remember nature do its job silently and even some times we are not aware of them e.g. a simila

Fear of being isolated

The fear of being isolated is becoming a common feature in today’s world. Many people around the world are suffering from it and with the passage of each day, there numbers are increasing. To some extent everyone is affected by this fear. Everyone wants their friends and family members to be around them. This fear is eating many people from inside and making them psychologically weak. In present scenario we are busier in our own lives. It is not possible for children to take care of their parents properly. Demands of life and work are making us less available for others. The people who suffer from this fear are either majority of old or children. At old age people become more insecure and if they are ill they become prisoner of one room only. This state of helplessness increases their fear and they feel isolated. In Children especially, where both parents go for work or remain outside the home most of time suffer from this fear. Even teenager are reported to have this fear because in t

Personal Loans- A new resource of money

Only few years back personal loans became an essential part in the financial services provided by the banks. Now they are an easy option for people for getting some extra money. For getting a personal loan, one does not required to provide lot of securities or guarantees. Many banks in India provide personal even with in hours. It is easier for a salary class person to get a person loan. Only he needs to provide the six month bank statement. More over the person does not need to disclose the motto of loan. Personal loans have emerged as better options in emergencies or for sudden expenses. Personal loan can help the person in bailing out of crises. Not only in emergencies but a person can opt for personal loan in case of small requirements like purchasing a laptop, for small renovation of house. Personal loans are payable in small installment options. One can even choose a period as large as four years. All this makes it easy for person to repay the amount and simultaneously fulfill th

Lady love can change person’s life

I am not telling some thing which is new? Many writers have also written about it. Then why I am writing on it? Because recently I got chance to understand and see the example of this principle. Nature has made man and woman in such a way that man is not complete without a woman and woman is not complete without a man. Those people who think they are alone good they are doing a mistake. Man comprehend woman and vise versa woman do. In all sense we are made for each other. Our needs biological, natural or emotional all depends upon each other. For a man getting a good woman in his life is like a god gift because unlike man woman have more power to understand the needs and transform the life a man. Woman has the power to change a fool man in to a wise husband. They can change the failure person in to successful man. Those people are very lucky who get this lady love in their life. However getting a good partner is a big task. It is a simple principle of adjustments and understanding and

Strong Media- Pride of India

Indian Media has come up with flying colors in recent few years. Today Indian media is playing a major role in building India as a strong and corruption free nation and they are getting successful in it also. Many people know India for achievements in information technology but very few people know about the achievements of Indian media. The achievements in media are stronger then the achievements in other sectors because they are playing a major and direct role in the insuring democratic freedom to common man of India. India has got freedom 59 years back, however actual freedom we are able to get only few years back. The major contribution in it is from media. Today media in India is working as a watch dog for people. Media has helped in exposing many wrong doings. It has helped India to see the face of corruption. It has helped us to realize the true problems of India. Indian media is becoming a link between the different cultures of India and it is helping India in becoming a secula

Successful Tips- Right steps at right time

This is one of the most important and necessary tip for a person who wants to be successful in life. For the changing circumstances and opportunities in life, we are required to be prepared in advance and most importantly able to take right step at the right time. If we are not able to take right steps at right time then the chances are that we remain behind the world and lose our all opportunities. This will make us a loser and closes for us the other opportunities of life. Whose people, who do not understand the importance of this principle, face lot of failures in their life? Things become more difficult when we are not able to analyze and accept this principle for years. Between a successful and unsuccessful person this principle play the role of a key. It is right of every human being to reach the level of utmost potential and perform his duties. If you are not able to take the advantage of this principle then some other will take this opportunity. Therefore the need is to underst

What is confidence- a money product or simply a self belief?

Confidence is the most misunderstood subject in this world. Many people do not know that what exactly it means and due to this they suffer for their whole life. Confidence is a unique property of human behaviour which can give tremendous power to us if used properly. It is very difficult to lead a successful life without confidence. Among two individuals of same age group, confidence can create a clear cut difference in their success. By analyzing confidence and increasing it to levels of required standard one can change the results in life. I have seen many people in my life and how their lives are completely transformed by confidence. It is not a big secret, everyone knows it. However the question is that which path we should choose to get it. Like others I always thought that money is most important thing for getting confidence. I thought that money will lessen my worries about life and I will become a confident person. Now I am a successful person and have enough money for my livin

Is English killing other languages of world?

In recent few years, English has made its position very strong as world’s language. With the coming time English is going to become a worldwide spoken and accepted language; though, it is already well accepted across the world. However, all this is going on the cost of many other languages spoken in world. Due to the increasing acceptability of English language, there are chances that many languages will lose their strength or may be eradicated completely by spread of English. The strength of any language is its people, literature and acceptability. If any language loses any of them then it is bound to be replaced by some other strong language. For example, in India there are many languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi and Urdu etc. However the new generation is interested more in learning English than the regional languages. The reason is obvious, wide acceptance of English. All most all job interviews in India are taken in English; therefore it is very difficult to clear any intervie

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Is it difficult to search a suitable groom for a highly educated girl?

This is a new question which is worrying many girl parents in India. It is a misconception in India that it is difficult to get a good and suitable groom for your daughter if she is highly educated. Due to this many parents avoid sending their girls for higher education. They want their girls to do conventional courses and settle for marriage as early as possible. Many potential and good girls’ students got deprived of successful carrier due this misconception. Most of these misconceptions are developed due to reasons of old cast systems prevailing in India. People are still bound by their castes and religions and do not want to shift from these traditions. When the girls become highly educated then it sometimes becomes difficult to search a suitable boy from same caste. More over the demand for dowry increases with the increase of education of boy. Therefore many people fear from all this and do not want their girl child to be highly educated. Second reason behind this misconception i

Blogs V/s Newspapers

Blogs are gaining importance in today world. Many blogs are able to generate good visitors for them. Blogs have become a good alternative source of information for people. Today blogs are available on wider range of subjects and things. Some blogs are specialist on subject and others are general in nature. For getting and gaining information on net, blogs have become a good source of informer for people. Year by year, blogs are able to register their presence in web world. Does all this mean that the blogs are going to replace newspapers? No, blogs are not going to replace newspapers in near future. Newspapers are present in the world for lot of years. Newspapers have become an important part in our life. They are still an important thing for getting detailed and trusted information for many people. Main advantage in the favor of newspaper is that they are run by specialists, unlike blogs which where run by ordinary people. Newspapers are a regular affair, whereas there is no guarantee

Role of parents in building the confidence of children

Do parents have role in building the confidence of children? Yes, they definitely have a major role in building the confidence of children. The one of major reason behind the adults for not having the confidence is negative attitude of their parents. Child is an innocent human being and he is in developing stage. Therefore he needs guidance in shaping his behavior and attitude. Most of his behavior is determined by his surrounding around him including his parents, friends and society. Parents play the major role in developing the child, as they are most near to him and remain constant in his life, where as his friends and surroundings go on changing. All this makes parents a major role player in shaping the destiny of their child. Many parents due to their own inhibitions and stereotypes try to dominate the behavior of child. Confidence is the one of important thing required for the success of life. There are many people in this world who have every thing in them like excellent

Inside Pharmaceutical Industry of India

Pharmaceutical companies in the India have grown significantly in last few years. Ranbaxy an Indian Pharmaceutical major is among the first from India to become a Multi-National. Today Ranbaxy has presence in more then 65 countries. Many companies like Dr Reddy Labs, Wockhard and Lupin are among other companies to enter the world market and become MNC’s. Many Indian Pharmaceutical companies are responsible for the major acquisitions world wide. According to White House, Indian pharmaceutical companies are major threat for American pharmaceutical companies. Most of the top listed Indian companies have US FDA approved units and quality standard are as per US guidelines. Indian pharmaceutical companies are able to gain penetration in US market due to their lower pricing and competitive quality standards. Many Indian companies are involved in legal battles for getting the patent of drugs in US. The weak point of Indian companies is that they do not have their own research molecules. Howeve

There comes nothing free of cost in this world.

Many times on television I see advertisements claiming free gifts and services. I always filled with fascination when I see these ads. Many times I do impulsive purchasing due to them. The nectar of my whole experience tells me that there is nothing like free of cost in this world. Most the ads which claim free gifts and services are misleading. Recently I came through an advertisement of Idea cellular service in India. There ad claims that you can call first two minute free of cost anywhere in India through idea service. It looks to me a very attractive service. Most of the calls made are of average two minutes; therefore I thought I will do all this for free. To my surprise when I read their plan, there is nothing in actual which is free. Only one plan which is of Indian Rupee 2000 provides few two minutes free calls. When I calculated their all plain then I observed that they are same as the other plans available in market. Like this there are many ads present in today media which a

Why Hindu Gods resembles with man and woman?

Nobody has seen the God, only few claims are there but no confirmations. Some say God is same like us and some says he is selfless. Many religions and people have there definitions about the God. In Hindu religion we worship God in man and woman forms. Most of the Gods in Hindu religion resembles with man and woman except few. The question arises how we can made the pictures of God when we have not seen them. This question has many answers ranging from different point of views. One reason for the resemblances of Hindu Gods with man and woman is there description from old Vedas and Books. We have many old religious books and written more than hundred years back which gives description about the Gods, how they look like and but their powers are. More over these traditions are going years and after years. Current form of worship and temple construction is very old. For the last thousands years, there does not have come any difference in worshiping Gods. When some one can observe the most

Blooker Prize- a Booker Prize for bloggers

Are you a blogger? Do not worry your blog can get Blooker prize. Blooker prize is like a Bookers prize for bloggers. Only bloggers are required to print the whole or some material published in their blog. This printed book is known as blook. The blooks are only and only generated from the materials already published in blogs. Therefore Blooker prize an option to bloggers for getting recognization and fame. Blooker prize is an award given to best blooks in the category of fiction, non fiction and comic. It is equivalent to Booker prize as Booker is given to best novel written in English by any writer belonging to the countries of British Commonwealth and the republic of Ireland. So far Blooker prize is not as famous as the Booker prize, but we can hope that with time Blooker prize will also get recognization. Blooker prize is started by well know publishing website, 2004 was the first year for Blooker prizes. About, it is already a famous name as it allows many writer

I have my dreams for you. (A father to his new born son)

Yes, I have my dreams for you. I want you to be happy and away from worries in your life. Therefore I dream of a world for you where you will have no worries. First of all I dream for you that I can give you a world which is free of pollution. This world should be as beautiful and clean, as is your thoughts. I will not allow anybody to spoil your this world for his small gains. I want to give you the piece of Himalaya . A land which is untouched the greed of mankind. I will never allow anyone to pollute our water, our air and our soil. I want you to be a free person, free from the physical and mental pollutions. I do not want you to run in the smoke of big industries and drink dirty waters. I know there are some people who for there greed is making life heal for others. They are polluting our air, water and soil. I know they are making life difficult for you. These people for there greed eating the ozone layer of earth. This will increase the chances of skin cancer for you. I kn

Are we chasing life?

Answer to this question is yes. This is the story of most of human beings on this earth. For whole of there life, they go on chasing the life. Moreover, interestingly there chase never ends. When a person got birth on this earth then he is away from all these chases, more he grows in life more he starts chasing the life. These chase of life start in early childhood and lasts till death. As child person starts first chasing life. The things which he was not able to do in childhood hold them for his adulthood. He tries to convince his mind that he is going to fulfill all his desires when he becomes adult. As adult he becomes busier with life and never got chance to fulfill his childhood dreams. He becomes more worried about the future. In adulthood also he goes on postponing things. All these desires may be of anything starting with a toy and passing through desire for love, money and recognization. Some of the desires got fulfilled and most of the others remain unfilled. More the person

Do we require legalizing prostitution?

It is quite a difficult thing to give the answer to this question especially when you are living in a country like India. In India all these things are treated as bad things and any person who is involved in all this is treated as criminal. According to Indian law it is a crime to do prostitution and both the man and woman can get imprisonment for all this. However in few years India has changed dramatically. Now ordinary people can also raise their voices and most importantly they got heard. Recently a sex worker from India Mrs. Nalini Jameela published her autobiography know as “Smriti Kak Ramachandran”. This is a first of its kind of episode in India, where a sex worker has come up openly in society. Unlike other sex worker Nalini lived a simple life and now she is fighting for the right of other sex workers. Some people admire her bold confession and some criticized her for all this. Nalini is a cofounder of Kerala sex workers forum and is committed for the betterment of other sex

India- Where Language changes after every 20 Km

Every nation in this world has there unique points. This article is a try to highlight the diversity present in India and not for making any comparison. As a nation India provides a wide experience for its people. In India you can scale the height of big mountains, enjoy the cold evenings of desert, spend your night in a deep forest or swim in the blue water of a sea. The north east part of India is covered by hills, most of which includes Himalaya ranges. Therefore north-east part of India faces sever cold in winters, one can enjoy the snow fall at most of the hill stations at India. West of India is covered with Thar Desert. Lot of great civilizations of India has lived there in Thar. Thar Desert is famous for it beautiful evenings, its beautiful palaces and water resources. Most of the south, south-west and south-east part is covered by sea. This part includes some of beautiful beaches of the world. Goa and Kerala are some of the famous sea tourist places in India. Besides geograph

A Great Scholar and Saint- Maskeenji

Gaini Sant Singh Maskeen Ji is one greatest scholars of his time. He had not done any masters or higher studies, still his wisdom was much more than billions of people around. He was a great scholar of Sri Guru Granth Sahib . Due to partition in 1947, he had to leave his studies. In 1952 when his father died he lost his faith in this world and left his home for the search of truth. He learned wisdom of Guru Granth Sahib and other sacred book from various places and scholars. He led a simple life. However his knowledge made him separate from the whole world. He became a medium in understanding the secrets of Guru Granth Sahib. His words are so simple and are full of examples that an ordinary man can understand them. He became a person who transformed the life of many people . Although he was a Sikh, however his knowledge was not restricted to Sikhism. He was a man of true religion, who has learned the religion, performed it and also spread it for the help of others. Most of the religio

Those who can control their mind, can control the whole world

What we think about the world and how we perceive it all depends on our mind. For realizing and reacting in this world, mind is the most important thing for us. Our mind is like a processing system of computer which gathers all the information and makes us to react in a particular way. The software’s for this computer are our perceptions and conditionings. After analyzing all the situations, our mind work according to these conditionings. The main problems come when we totally go into the control of brain and spoil our lives. Over conditionings and perceptions stops our power to think and analyze the situations. Therefore many of the decisions which we take are not actually taking by us. They are taken by our mind without making us realize about all this. We become so much burred in these conditionings and perceptions that we do not realize our decisions are taken by our mind. We accept all these decisions as our own decisions. Mind has immense power to create and present thin A good destination for new writers is not only a famous name in today’s world but it is also helping many of news writers and webmasters in getting recognition and visitors. For news writers most difficult thing is to get published and show the world their writings. provides an excellent platform for all these writers. Many e-zine masters visit for searching articles for there e-zine. If they like your writing then they will definitely publish your writing in their e-zines. This makes more reach for your writing. Therefore by publishing your articles in, one can get the chance to get published in many e-zines. Moreover provides a chance to showcase your writing to the outer world including news paper editors and publishers. You do not know when some one likes your writing and invite you to write in his publication. Other benefit with is they only publish quality articles. If there are mistakes in your writing the

Welcome summer 2006

Finally I am here in summer 2006. I hate summers because it causes lot of sweating. It spoils lot of our food items. It is very difficult to go out in the afternoon in summers. Diarrhea and dysentery are very common. A small mistake done in food or drinking may cause disasters. Food poisoning is very common. All these makes summers a bad experience for me. However still it has some advantages, as it increases the time for work. Nights come late in the summers. Unlike winters you can easily wake up in morning. In India summers starts in mid March and lasts up to mid September. Every year, many people die because of diarrhea, dysentery, food poisoning and other water born diseases. India has still to grow up in hygienic level. Most of India is covered with dirty roads, pounds and locations. There are no proper systems for disposal of wastage available in most parts of India. All these situations become alarming in summers and especially after rains. Government of India is still deaf on t

Confession of a servant

Yesterday I got the chance to witness confession of a servant. Earlier my thinking about the servants was not much good. I thought they are people who are physically strong but they have no intellectual. However the confessions of this servant changed my whole thinking about servants. He made my perception more clear on right and wrong. He was doing his job for last ten years. He was getting two thousands rupees as a salary (45$). He was feeling very unhappy because the other servant in the house was told to leave his job. The other servant has worked for last fifteen years in the house. He was told to leave the job by the owner because owner found him guilty of cheating. The servant told me that no one in this world wants to cheat or do wrong things in this world, it is the world which make him do all these things. When the owner himself go for shopping then he purchase the things for 100 rupees and same things is purchased by the servant in rupees in 50 rupees. He told that if the se

What are frustrations and how they ruin our lives?

In simple terms, we can define frustrations as “the state of helplessness”. A state in which, we are not in the control of our situations, like some other foreign element is controlling our life. We do not like the situation and are not ready to accept its result. However, we find our self in a state where can not do anything about the situation. This all leads to a situation of mental agitation, an agitation which inside makes us guilty for not able to change our situations. In one word we can say it frustration. In every one’s life there come many situations where we have no control over situations. Moreover, today’s competition making this world full with many of these kind of situations. Frustration is a mental energy and required to be properly channelized. If we are unable to control this energy then it could damage us. In the state of frustration, we started losing our thinking power and our focus became more on the element causing frustration. Frustration is a negative energy a

My Most successful article on

One of my article got highly successful on and still gaining popularity. It is a my try to show the feeling first love and sex. My First Love - My Teacher I remember those days when I was in six standard. This is very tender age in all angles and a child is not much grown emotionally at this stage. Same was true for me at that age. I was not very clear about love and sex. I had never experienced love for any girl. All the girls in my class were same for me as boys. There was no restriction on sitting with them. We play with them and some time even touches them also. However never any feeling of love or sex came in my mind. Every thing was going smoothly, one day a beautiful English teacher came to our class. She was our new English teacher. This was her first assignment. She had recently passed her masters in English. She was approximately 22-23 years old. Her body is average type. She was a clear example of how a beautiful and adult woman should be like. Her every bo