Inside Pharmaceutical Industry of India

Pharmaceutical companies in the India have grown significantly in last few years. Ranbaxy an Indian Pharmaceutical major is among the first from India to become a Multi-National. Today Ranbaxy has presence in more then 65 countries. Many companies like Dr Reddy Labs, Wockhard and Lupin are among other companies to enter the world market and become MNC’s. Many Indian Pharmaceutical companies are responsible for the major acquisitions world wide. According to White House, Indian pharmaceutical companies are major threat for American pharmaceutical companies.

Most of the top listed Indian companies have US FDA approved units and quality standard are as per US guidelines. Indian pharmaceutical companies are able to gain penetration in US market due to their lower pricing and competitive quality standards. Many Indian companies are involved in legal battles for getting the patent of drugs in US. The weak point of Indian companies is that they do not have their own research molecules. However in future many Indian companies have their own research molecules for launch. Further success of Indian companies will depend upon the performance of these research molecules.

Still Indian pharmaceutical companies have to travel a long distance in gaining strength in world market. The major advantage in the favor of Indian companies is their strong infrastructure. India market is going through the face of consolidation; therefore we will see many acquisitions and mergers among pharmaceutical companies of India. India has to still make clear guidelines on pharmaceutical sectors. Currently there are around 17000 registered pharmaceutical companies in India. India pharmaceutical companies are also gearing up for the post GATE scenario and trying to improve their position in this period.
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