Is English killing other languages of world?

In recent few years, English has made its position very strong as world’s language. With the coming time English is going to become a worldwide spoken and accepted language; though, it is already well accepted across the world. However, all this is going on the cost of many other languages spoken in world. Due to the increasing acceptability of English language, there are chances that many languages will lose their strength or may be eradicated completely by spread of English. The strength of any language is its people, literature and acceptability. If any language loses any of them then it is bound to be replaced by some other strong language.

For example, in India there are many languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi and Urdu etc. However the new generation is interested more in learning English than the regional languages. The reason is obvious, wide acceptance of English. All most all job interviews in India are taken in English; therefore it is very difficult to clear any interview without knowing good English. In India, a person will not be termed as educated unless he knows English. Here a 12th pass English speaking boy will be treated as educated person where as a person with masters in other regional language will not be given the same privilege.

There are other reasons which are in the favour of English or are helping English to become a world language. First English is the language of super power countries. First British spread it in the world and now most of the super powers are English speaking nations. Second reason behind the success of English is that most of the latest technologies in the world are available in English like if you want to operate window then you need to know English; though limited solutions are available in regional languages too. Third reason behind the success of English is its emergence as a language which is understood by the most of world. Now English has not remained the language of few countries but has penetrated more in other nations like India.

Today India is attending most of the calls of world through call centres and provides world with latest IT innovations. All this is making India a pro English country. But all this is happening at the cost of other regional languages, they are becoming weak from inside. These languages also have lot of knowledge stored in them. They have helped people for so many years. Many great literatures are written in them. If these languages get lost then great knowledge hidden in them will also get lost and this will be a great lose for mankind.
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