Are we chasing life?

Answer to this question is yes. This is the story of most of human beings on this earth. For whole of there life, they go on chasing the life. Moreover, interestingly there chase never ends. When a person got birth on this earth then he is away from all these chases, more he grows in life more he starts chasing the life. These chase of life start in early childhood and lasts till death. As child person starts first chasing life. The things which he was not able to do in childhood hold them for his adulthood. He tries to convince his mind that he is going to fulfill all his desires when he becomes adult.

As adult he becomes busier with life and never got chance to fulfill his childhood dreams. He becomes more worried about the future. In adulthood also he goes on postponing things. All these desires may be of anything starting with a toy and passing through desire for love, money and recognization. Some of the desires got fulfilled and most of the others remain unfilled. More the person progresses in life, more unsatisfied he become and started chasing life more vigorously. The thing which most of the people do not realize is that life runs faster than us.

It is not possible for an ordinary man to chase and leave behind life. Life is a change, which is changing every moment. If we start chasing one form of life then soon it will get changed into some other and upgraded form. Here is the catch; we are trying to chase a thing which is not constant or following one principle. For winning this battle with life we are required to make changes in our self only. We are required to adjust our own priorities of life and choose our directions for life, otherwise we will be get trapped into this unending chase of life and die as a chaser.
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