Do we require legalizing prostitution?

It is quite a difficult thing to give the answer to this question especially when you are living in a country like India. In India all these things are treated as bad things and any person who is involved in all this is treated as criminal. According to Indian law it is a crime to do prostitution and both the man and woman can get imprisonment for all this. However in few years India has changed dramatically. Now ordinary people can also raise their voices and most importantly they got heard.

Recently a sex worker from India Mrs. Nalini Jameela published her autobiography know as “Smriti Kak Ramachandran”. This is a first of its kind of episode in India, where a sex worker has come up openly in society. Unlike other sex worker Nalini lived a simple life and now she is fighting for the right of other sex workers. Some people admire her bold confession and some criticized her for all this. Nalini is a cofounder of Kerala sex workers forum and is committed for the betterment of other sex workers.

She has no shame when others say her sex worker. According to her she has slept with more 1000 man. This is a first of its kind of confession for Indian society, which still tries to discuss all this matters in isolation. However the main thing is double slandered of the society about this issue. There are many people in India who public ally criticize all this but behind the world they are involved in this. Indian society pretends very woman friendly but still every day many women are raped, tortured and burned here.

Nalini may be advocating the legalization of sex work, but I do not thing Indian society is matured enough for all this. Legalization of this trade will mean more exploitation for woman. It will make more women forced into this work, which is done today at lower scale. More over it may damage the social structure of India. However better work standards can be provided for sex workers already in this profession. A strict control is required for not forcing minor girls in to this work.

If some day this work gets legalized then there should be strict guidelines for all this. An age of more than 25 years should be must for woman coming into this profession and strictly no minor should be allowed to come into this work. Better conditions of work should be allowed to them. Any woman who wants to leave this work should be provided with second option of work. Police should check that any woman should not be forced to do all this.

We together can make a respectful society.
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