Why Hindu Gods resembles with man and woman?

Nobody has seen the God, only few claims are there but no confirmations. Some say God is same like us and some says he is selfless. Many religions and people have there definitions about the God. In Hindu religion we worship God in man and woman forms. Most of the Gods in Hindu religion resembles with man and woman except few. The question arises how we can made the pictures of God when we have not seen them. This question has many answers ranging from different point of views.

One reason for the resemblances of Hindu Gods with man and woman is there description from old Vedas and Books. We have many old religious books and written more than hundred years back which gives description about the Gods, how they look like and but their powers are. More over these traditions are going years and after years. Current form of worship and temple construction is very old. For the last thousands years, there does not have come any difference in worshiping Gods.

When some one can observe the most of the gods then they will see the figures of beautiful men and women. Male Gods are decorated like the beautiful males and female Gods are decorated like beautiful females. Now the question comes why is it so? Does our ancestors have really seen them or lived with them. The answer is yes. According to Hindu philosophy God exists in two forms one is selfless form, a form which is beyond the reach of sense organs and second is the form like ordinary humans.

The first form is the out of the reach of human beings therefore it is not possible for them to describe it. Second form is the form of God as human, as par Hindu philosophy, God takes births and comes into this world when crimes takes over the control of world. God comes in this world to make us liberated from all these difficulties. Therefore most of the Gods worshiped in India come from second category, which is in the reach of humans. By worshiping the Gods in the form of humans, people actually try to worship that unique force.

Old peoples are very smart and therefore they made this way to reach to pure self. It you have to describe God to ignorant then the best way is to give example. Therefore Gods in the form of human is the best example for these ignorant humans. For example if you have to tell a cow how the God looks like then you will tell him it is a big, powerful and beautiful cow.

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