India- Where Language changes after every 20 Km

Every nation in this world has there unique points. This article is a try to highlight the diversity present in India and not for making any comparison. As a nation India provides a wide experience for its people. In India you can scale the height of big mountains, enjoy the cold evenings of desert, spend your night in a deep forest or swim in the blue water of a sea. The north east part of India is covered by hills, most of which includes Himalaya ranges. Therefore north-east part of India faces sever cold in winters, one can enjoy the snow fall at most of the hill stations at India.

West of India is covered with Thar Desert. Lot of great civilizations of India has lived there in Thar. Thar Desert is famous for it beautiful evenings, its beautiful palaces and water resources. Most of the south, south-west and south-east part is covered by sea. This part includes some of beautiful beaches of the world. Goa and Kerala are some of the famous sea tourist places in India. Besides geographically India has lot of other things to present. India is only country in world which has so many religions living together and it is also the birth place of some of them.

The religions which can be found in India are Hinduism, Muslimism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Christians, Parses, Kabir Pantheism, and many others. India is a combination of old and new. You can see the high-tech world in India and simultaneously can enjoy the peace of nothingness. India is a so diversified country that after every 20 km language starts changing. Mostly spoken and national language of India is Hindi. Today English is the language which is in most demand. Most of the new generation of India is shifting to English. Festivals are the parts of life here in India. Whole year there are many festivals to enjoy in India.

By living in India a person can enjoy the nearness to different religions, different societies and different cultures. All this makes India a country of diversity. Today’s India is changing very fast. It is the second largest growing nation in Asia after China. Every sector and every part of life is seeing an upliftment. Present India is no more a country with small busy road, any connectivity and animals everywhere. Most of the roads in India are four lanes and even a small village is connected by road. Mobile phones and internet have penetrated deep inside India. More and more Indian companies are becoming International. Some issues still remain pending, however with time they will also be got settled.

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