Role of parents in building the confidence of children

Do parents have role in building the confidence of children? Yes, they definitely have a major role in building the confidence of children. The one of major reason behind the adults for not having the confidence is negative attitude of their parents. Child is an innocent human being and he is in developing stage. Therefore he needs guidance in shaping his behavior and attitude. Most of his behavior is determined by his surrounding around him including his parents, friends and society.

Parents play the major role in developing the child, as they are most near to him and remain constant in his life, where as his friends and surroundings go on changing. All this makes parents a major role player in shaping the destiny of their child. Many parents due to their own inhibitions and stereotypes try to dominate the behavior of child. Confidence is the one of important thing required for the success of life. There are many people in this world who have every thing in them like excellent knowledge, good communication and appealing personality, still they fail because they do not have confidence in them.

Few years back, I also do not have confidence and for all this I blame only and only my parents. I also came across with many people who have same stories like me. My parents due to their own fears always restricted me from doing lot of things in my life. Unlike other children of the world, I got only restricted freedom to choose and live my life. Due to this I became a submissive and inward personality. It become very difficult for me to express myself, many times I got failed in interviews not for less knowledge but for not able to express myself.

Four years back I got a chance to read an article telling that the best way to deal with your fears is to face them. I started facing my fears and got success in my life and attained my lost freedom. This circle is going on for years first my father’s father put restrictions on my father then his father and so on. Today’s parenting needs more attention from parents towards their child. Children are becoming smarter and exploring unlike their parents. They want to explore their ways. They do not want to play safe games unlike their parents but they want to take the challenges.

Good parenting is an art. For becoming a good parents one is required to master in this art. Parents are required to reach to the level of child for becoming a good parent.

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