What is confidence- a money product or simply a self belief?

Confidence is the most misunderstood subject in this world. Many people do not know that what exactly it means and due to this they suffer for their whole life. Confidence is a unique property of human behaviour which can give tremendous power to us if used properly. It is very difficult to lead a successful life without confidence. Among two individuals of same age group, confidence can create a clear cut difference in their success. By analyzing confidence and increasing it to levels of required standard one can change the results in life.

I have seen many people in my life and how their lives are completely transformed by confidence. It is not a big secret, everyone knows it. However the question is that which path we should choose to get it. Like others I always thought that money is most important thing for getting confidence. I thought that money will lessen my worries about life and I will become a confident person. Now I am a successful person and have enough money for my living but still confidence is missing from life. I realized that even in the next few years I may earn more money but I will be the same person because with money there comes much other tension like retaining money and earning more money.

We usually get trapped in this circle and run for more and more money. No doubt money is an important thing in life and it has some role to play in building confidence. Yesterday I got chance to meet many people who have enough money but their worries are more big. Therefore their worries are decreasing their confidence level. Yesterday I also got the chance to meet people who are not much rich but they are less worried and therefore have much more confidence than others. They have strong beliefs about themselves and have positive attitude for life. It is simple secret to understand that for gaining confidence only self beliefs are most important.

Those people who have these self beliefs are more confident and simultaneously successful in life. For getting a strong confidence it is more important to have strong self belief or I can say confidence is nothing but a strong self belief.

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