Blooker Prize- a Booker Prize for bloggers

Are you a blogger? Do not worry your blog can get Blooker prize. Blooker prize is like a Bookers prize for bloggers. Only bloggers are required to print the whole or some material published in their blog. This printed book is known as blook. The blooks are only and only generated from the materials already published in blogs. Therefore Blooker prize an option to bloggers for getting recognization and fame.
Blooker prize is an award given to best blooks in the category of fiction, non fiction and comic. It is equivalent to Booker prize as Booker is given to best novel written in English by any writer belonging to the countries of British Commonwealth and the republic of Ireland. So far Blooker prize is not as famous as the Booker prize, but we can hope that with time Blooker prize will also get recognization.
Blooker prize is started by well know publishing website, 2004 was the first year for Blooker prizes. About, it is already a famous name as it allows many writers to publish their books online for free of cost. It also share the revenue earned through this books with the writers. The prize money for Blooker prize in all three categories is $1000 each and over all winners for all the categories will get $2000.
All this provides a good hope and encouragement for bloggers. May be in few years we see the importance of this prize. The blooks which are eligible for this year prize should be published before 30, January, 2006. So enjoy blogging and publish your blooks.
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