Can I motivate you?

No, the answer is straight forward no. Then how I can help? No my dear friends I also can not help. Then why I am writing all this? Here is the answer. I want you to search the answers yourself because who is I am to tell you, what should you do or not do? I want you to search the answers inside your heart. I want you to search for the answer for why you should need motivation? Let’s understand this example why you aspire for healthy and delicious food because you want to make your good healthy and strong and simultaneously you want to satisfy your taste buds. The answer of above questions lies in it. Motivation is a good and healthy food for life and strong satisfier for your spiritual self. It makes our life healthy and strong.

As everyone wants healthy and strong body similarly everyone also wants a healthy and strong life. A good dose of motivation can do it. Motivation may be of any kind from parents, from a love or from a strong desire. A well motivated person can achieve things in months which can not be achieved by people in years. Most of the fine works of literature and art work have emerged from a strong motivation. Motivation can create wonders or even miracles. There is nothing impossible for a motivated person. More strong is the motivation, more strong are the results. Only we need to search our source of motivation like for an unmarried man motivation may be a rich beautiful girl and due to this motivation he may create miracle.

Nothing is impossible when we see them through the eyes of motivation. Otherwise those people who avoid this principle lose the right to live a healthy and strong live and it is the principle of nature that beauty and fame goes to strongest. With this life of the person become like a loser and he has to mostly compromise with the life, in clear terms his life become a compromise and nothing else. Now it is up to you what you want, a life of a hero or a life of compromises. I can show and realize you few facts of life however the real answer is hidden inside you. Search for it before you lose the power to act.


  1. That was really a nice thought.. its upon that particular person if he really want to change or not.. others will just try to help him, best will force him... he has to do whatever necessary for himself..

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