What are frustrations and how they ruin our lives?

In simple terms, we can define frustrations as “the state of helplessness”. A state in which, we are not in the control of our situations, like some other foreign element is controlling our life. We do not like the situation and are not ready to accept its result. However, we find our self in a state where can not do anything about the situation. This all leads to a situation of mental agitation, an agitation which inside makes us guilty for not able to change our situations. In one word we can say it frustration.

In every one’s life there come many situations where we have no control over situations. Moreover, today’s competition making this world full with many of these kind of situations. Frustration is a mental energy and required to be properly channelized. If we are unable to control this energy then it could damage us. In the state of frustration, we started losing our thinking power and our focus became more on the element causing frustration. Frustration is a negative energy and therefore it leads to negative thoughts in our mind.

In most of frustrations we are not in the state to change the frustration causing factor, therefore we only spoil our own mental health. In some situations frustrations become out of control and the frustrated person may try to kill or injure the frustration causing person. Some frustrations are short lived but some remain as long as for years. All this depends on the individual person’s ability to take the life. For fighting our frustrations well we need to change our situation from a helpless person to a person who can change his situations. This can be done by increase our competitive level and gaining more knowledge.

Most of the people due to frustrations damage their life; however few people take them as challenge and use them for touching new heights in life. Many of the people who have attained height in their life are one’s who are able to fight their frustrations well. These people are able to channelize the frustration energy for their growth. The best way to deal with frustrations is to use them as a motivating force for your growth.

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