Confession of a servant

Yesterday I got the chance to witness confession of a servant. Earlier my thinking about the servants was not much good. I thought they are people who are physically strong but they have no intellectual. However the confessions of this servant changed my whole thinking about servants. He made my perception more clear on right and wrong. He was doing his job for last ten years. He was getting two thousands rupees as a salary (45$). He was feeling very unhappy because the other servant in the house was told to leave his job.

The other servant has worked for last fifteen years in the house. He was told to leave the job by the owner because owner found him guilty of cheating. The servant told me that no one in this world wants to cheat or do wrong things in this world, it is the world which make him do all these things. When the owner himself go for shopping then he purchase the things for 100 rupees and same things is purchased by the servant in rupees in 50 rupees. He told that if the servant retains these fifty rupees then there is no crime.

The other thing which hurts most of the servants according to him is suspicion on them. They are always under suspicion from their owners. He told that a servant always be given some freedom. Second problem faced by servants is not getting enough hikes in their salaries. They continue to work for years on the same salaries. When their families increase then it become difficult for them to survive on this and they may restore to wrong things. For maintaining a good relations with the servants owner require to have constant conversation with him and in conversation he must give due importance to servant views.

This conversation will help the owner in accessing the needs of servants in well advance. If a servant is given some extra responsibility then he must be dually rewarded for his extra work. Few extra rupees will not only some times motivate him but also encourage him to be away from wrong doings. Managing servants is similar to managing people in organizations. Only by doing few motivational things one can retain the honesty and commitment of a servant.

Smart living makes the all difference.
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