Nature plays a great balancing act

Nature has an eye which sees everyone on this earth with equal importance. For it no one is more important. Nature decisions are totally independent of any bias. It punishes the guilty and rewards the good one. Many people in this world do lot of wrong doings in life and think that they will come out of all this without any difficulty. But nature play its role make guilty person responsible for his crimes like many people earn lot of money by using wrong means, however when comes the time to use this money both sons of that person die. I have seen many live examples of these kinds. Many people become rich in front of me by black marketing. It took years for them to grow to this level but nature took all of them in seconds.

Nature has its clear law; no one can run from its justice. Sometimes it looks that the person has earned lot of money by wrong doing and nothing is happening to him. Always remember nature do its job silently and even some times we are not aware of them e.g. a similar rich person got to know after twenty years that he was not the real father of his children. Nature is working in a balanced way. If it gives somewhere more then simultaneously it took something away from use also. Mostly we do not give due importance to nature and go on play our games but when nature plays its games then we have no place to hide.

It is always better to live a healthy and good life. We should always give proper respect to the rights of others. If we do not respect the rights of others and try to drain from others resources then we may be successful for years but nature will take all this from us in minutes. Those people who do not respect the nature always repent for this later. We do not consider this simple fact that nature is everything, we come from it and we go back in it. Our try to make nature fool is like a try to fool creator. All this principles are simple but still very few people will be able to understand them. Still, this world will go in the similar way further also.
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