Fear of being isolated

The fear of being isolated is becoming a common feature in today’s world. Many people around the world are suffering from it and with the passage of each day, there numbers are increasing. To some extent everyone is affected by this fear. Everyone wants their friends and family members to be around them. This fear is eating many people from inside and making them psychologically weak. In present scenario we are busier in our own lives. It is not possible for children to take care of their parents properly. Demands of life and work are making us less available for others.

The people who suffer from this fear are either majority of old or children. At old age people become more insecure and if they are ill they become prisoner of one room only. This state of helplessness increases their fear and they feel isolated. In Children especially, where both parents go for work or remain outside the home most of time suffer from this fear. Even teenager are reported to have this fear because in teenage teenager want to live their life in their own way and when they did not get anyone on their side, they feel isolated.

Moreover anyone can suffer from this fear and at any time because everyone is surrounded by so many peoples still some times they are alone. It becomes even impossible for use to do justice with all friendships and relations and similar is the case with others also. It is more important that we should be aware of our own fears so that we can help other in their fears. In today’s atmosphere it is becoming more important to take care of these small factors otherwise they may emerge as large psychological disorders. By understanding all these factors we can improve our life and add some value to the life of people around us.

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