Strong Media- Pride of India

Indian Media has come up with flying colors in recent few years. Today Indian media is playing a major role in building India as a strong and corruption free nation and they are getting successful in it also. Many people know India for achievements in information technology but very few people know about the achievements of Indian media. The achievements in media are stronger then the achievements in other sectors because they are playing a major and direct role in the insuring democratic freedom to common man of India. India has got freedom 59 years back, however actual freedom we are able to get only few years back. The major contribution in it is from media.

Today media in India is working as a watch dog for people. Media has helped in exposing many wrong doings. It has helped India to see the face of corruption. It has helped us to realize the true problems of India. Indian media is becoming a link between the different cultures of India and it is helping India in becoming a secular democratic country. Media is behaving same for everyone; it has no bias for anyone. Many cases where justice was not done are being reopened only due to the voice of media. Television industry has also helped Indian media in getting a big reach and expose. All types of media are becoming more popular with the introduction of new things.

There are many countries in the world where freedom is not given to press. Where as the strong foundation lead by our leaders and role model set by earlier media man are making Indian media a strong force. Media have the power to change the life of people of a nation. Therefore a strong and matured media is the need of time. In coming years also this unseen force of India will play a major in shaping India and making it an ideal nation to live.

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