Those who can control their mind, can control the whole world

What we think about the world and how we perceive it all depends on our mind. For realizing and reacting in this world, mind is the most important thing for us. Our mind is like a processing system of computer which gathers all the information and makes us to react in a particular way. The software’s for this computer are our perceptions and conditionings. After analyzing all the situations, our mind work according to these conditionings. The main problems come when we totally go into the control of brain and spoil our lives.

Over conditionings and perceptions stops our power to think and analyze the situations. Therefore many of the decisions which we take are not actually taking by us. They are taken by our mind without making us realize about all this. We become so much burred in these conditionings and perceptions that we do not realize our decisions are taken by our mind. We accept all these decisions as our own decisions. Mind has immense power to create and present things.

It can make us happy for driving a car and at the same may make us unhappy for not having an expensive car. If we are not in the control of a mind then we will never indulge into these comparisons. Some divide mind in to positive and negative. They say we should be in positive frame of mind. However the question still remains that we depend on mind and mind can take u-turn any time. Mind is very smart in creating limits. If we start accepting these limits then we will find our selves in many difficulties.

It is the right of every human being to realize his true self. True self has amazing powers. It can guide us better than mind in life. Moreover the decisions taken will be our own and not of our mind. And when we come out of our mind then simultaneously we come out of the control of this world. True self make us to take smart and good decisions. All our behaviors and thoughts become what we want them to be. Our mental health becomes stronger and we mostly take good decisions.

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