There comes nothing free of cost in this world.

Many times on television I see advertisements claiming free gifts and services. I always filled with fascination when I see these ads. Many times I do impulsive purchasing due to them. The nectar of my whole experience tells me that there is nothing like free of cost in this world. Most the ads which claim free gifts and services are misleading. Recently I came through an advertisement of Idea cellular service in India. There ad claims that you can call first two minute free of cost anywhere in India through idea service. It looks to me a very attractive service. Most of the calls made are of average two minutes; therefore I thought I will do all this for free.

To my surprise when I read their plan, there is nothing in actual which is free. Only one plan which is of Indian Rupee 2000 provides few two minutes free calls. When I calculated their all plain then I observed that they are same as the other plans available in market. Like this there are many ads present in today media which are highly misleading. All most all the cellular companies in India offered life time incoming offers. Only one has to recharge his card with minimum recharge available between six months and he will continue to receive incomings for life time.

However, all the companies increased the other services charges on this scheme, which make this scheme nearly same, priced as the others. Most of the free schemes all like these schemes only; all of them are more in marketing and less in genuineness. Last week I have to purchase the shoes therefore I decided to visit the woodland showroom which was offering 50% sale. I thought I can get a big deal here. However when I entered the shop I got suppressed to see their marketing tendencies. Only an old dated stock has 50 % sale. The other stock which is some fresh has 40% sale and so on, whereas the new stock have no sales.

In actual they should have written that the sale is on old stock. Like this there are many examples present with everyone. If we can calculate then only 10% of the offers are genuine. Therefore it is advisable for everyone to be cautious when any thing comes like a free offer.
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