Is it difficult to search a suitable groom for a highly educated girl?

This is a new question which is worrying many girl parents in India. It is a misconception in India that it is difficult to get a good and suitable groom for your daughter if she is highly educated. Due to this many parents avoid sending their girls for higher education. They want their girls to do conventional courses and settle for marriage as early as possible. Many potential and good girls’ students got deprived of successful carrier due this misconception.

Most of these misconceptions are developed due to reasons of old cast systems prevailing in India. People are still bound by their castes and religions and do not want to shift from these traditions. When the girls become highly educated then it sometimes becomes difficult to search a suitable boy from same caste. More over the demand for dowry increases with the increase of education of boy. Therefore many people fear from all this and do not want their girl child to be highly educated.

Second reason behind this misconception is due to the age factor. Usually in India age of 23-28 for boys and age of 18-25 for girls is treated as suitable age for marriage. Many girls who opt for higher education sometimes cross this age and got difficulty in finding a match. Women always suffer with a carrier dilemma and mostly forced to change their carrier options and settle with lesser options. All these things reinforce this concept and make a block in the mind of parents.

Last few years, India has started seeing changes in the mind set of people. People have started recognizing the value of education. We can hope that in few years all these situations will change in India and make it a more woman friendly country.

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