Blogs V/s Newspapers

Blogs are gaining importance in today world. Many blogs are able to generate good visitors for them. Blogs have become a good alternative source of information for people. Today blogs are available on wider range of subjects and things. Some blogs are specialist on subject and others are general in nature. For getting and gaining information on net, blogs have become a good source of informer for people. Year by year, blogs are able to register their presence in web world.

Does all this mean that the blogs are going to replace newspapers? No, blogs are not going to replace newspapers in near future. Newspapers are present in the world for lot of years. Newspapers have become an important part in our life. They are still an important thing for getting detailed and trusted information for many people. Main advantage in the favor of newspaper is that they are run by specialists, unlike blogs which where run by ordinary people. Newspapers are a regular affair, whereas there is no guarantee for the publishing of a blog, they may be discontinued.

However, in last few years some blogs have also become professional in nature and running regularly, although there numbers are small. The advantage in the favor of blogs is that they are available on wide range of topics, which are not possible for newspapers to cover. Newspapers are run as big industry and involve many people; on the other hand blogs may be run by single individual. Newspapers provide the readers with information on wide range of topics, whereas the most of blogs are available on single subject only. But the coming technology is in the favor of blogs and it has forced many newspapers to come up with online editions.

These online additions are nothing but a detailed blogs with multiple links. Newspapers are controlled by the few strong industrialists, where as the blogs are in the control of common man. It is not right to compare blogs and newspapers at this stage, however certainly blogs are helping people with lot of knowledge which was restricted in past to few. Ads by Google are becoming a good source of income for bloggers and helping bloggers finding financial freedom. In coming years we will see more innovation in blogs and they will become good source of information for others.
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