I have my dreams for you. (A father to his new born son)

Yes, I have my dreams for you. I want you to be happy and away from worries in your life. Therefore I dream of a world for you where you will have no worries. First of all I dream for you that I can give you a world which is free of pollution. This world should be as beautiful and clean, as is your thoughts. I will not allow anybody to spoil your this world for his small gains. I want to give you the piece of Himalaya. A land which is untouched the greed of mankind. I will never allow anyone to pollute our water, our air and our soil.

I want you to be a free person, free from the physical and mental pollutions. I do not want you to run in the smoke of big industries and drink dirty waters. I know there are some people who for there greed is making life heal for others. They are polluting our air, water and soil. I know they are making life difficult for you. These people for there greed eating the ozone layer of earth. This will increase the chances of skin cancer for you. I know the dirty smoke thrown out by big industries will make you more prone to asthma.

I know all and all this; still I am helpless at few points. I can only raise my voice for justices. Some may listen to me but this greed is so high that they will eat you. Still I dream for a good world for you, which has fresh air, green forest and piece of mind. I hope and pray for God that you will get all this.

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