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Monster of Montauk

Monster of Montauk Courtesy We all have seen many monsters on big screen; however, so far no actual evidences are available about the existence of these monsters. Many people may have strong belief in their existence but so far very less hard evidences are present in front of us. Now, monsters are just imaginations of humans or they really exist. I do not have any answer of this question and this debate will continue for many more centuries. However, recently people got a chance to see picture of one monster called monster of Montauk. News of monster in Montauk is broken by gossip blog, by posting a picture of strange creature which does not belong to any animal present on this world. Different people have different thoughts about this creature, some call this creature a dog without skin, some call it a tortoise without skin, some call it eagle dog, sea monster etc. Many people even believe that it is just a work of advance technology, however, which p

Thought of Day (30/7/08)

Below read beautiful Thought of Day telling importance of action and vision. For achieving success in life, we require equal mixture of both. "Vision without action is a day dream. And Action without vision is a nightmare." Hopefully, you enjoyed this thought of Day. For more Thoughts visit- Get Thought of day Read different Thoughts of Day Collection of “Thoughts of Day”

Amazing Not out Video

Game of cricket is full many uncertainties and here it is very difficult to exactly predict something. Below, enjoy video of amazing not out, how a batsman got saved narrowly. It is really a very amazing not out video to watch. Also visit- Video Best Cricket moments Video of Sachin Tendulkar’s first Test Hundred (century) Remembering 83 cricket world cup heroes

Pictures of Katrina’s Birthday Party

On 16th July, Katrina celebrated her birthday in the presence of many big Bollywood stars like Shahrukh, Amir, Salman, Ranbir etc. Katrina’s birthday party also toped in news due to fight between Shahrukh and Salman during this party. Below, people can enjoy the pictures of stars who attended this birthday party of Katrina. Also visit- More on Shahrukh Salman Fight Shahrukh and Salman fight (details) Video of recent fight between Amir and Shahrukh Review- Dus Ka Dum (It has lot of Dum)

More on Shahrukh Salman Fight

In recent times, Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan Fight at Katrina birthday party has become great matter of debate among people across the world because of popularity of these stars in most parts of world. People are surprised over this whole incidence and thinking why this fight took place. This fight took place on 16 July, 2008 during a party hosted by Kartina Kaif on her birthday. Many big film personalities were present in this party. This news surprised people as it is very hard to find Shahrukh in fight with others. This fight has brought Shahrukh and Salman in front of each other and their friends have also collected around them. Shahrukh has issued orders to his loyalist directors that they should not take Salam in their movies. Salman has also given similar orders to his loyalist directors. In this way, these top stars have taken this fight to next level. So far, there is no news available about their patch up with each other; therefore, we can suppose that their fight can conti

Watch Saas Bahu Aur Saazish report on Ishmeet Singh

Whole of the world is presently in a state of shock over unfortunate incidence of Ishmeet’s death two day back in Maldives. People, Ishmeet friends and TV channels are paying tribute to this great singer in their own ways. Below, people can watch Saas Bahu Aur Saazish report on Ishmeet Singh and reactions of his friends on his death. People can also watch number of old moments from Ishmeet’s life in this video. Video 1 Video 2 Also read- Ishmeet Singh died in Maldives Last video of Ishmeet from Maldives Ishmeet Singh From Ludhiana is First "Voice of India" Videos of Ishmeet

Viewer’s reactions on Fear factor Khatron ki Khiladi

Below watch viewer’s reactions on new entertainment channel Color’s action based reality show “Fear Factor- Khatroan Ke Khiladi”. In this show, people can watch 13 beautiful female celebs doing number of stunts for winning this show. This show is hosted by Akshay Kumar which further increases the popularity of this show. Also visit- Get all episode Videos of Fear factor Khatron Ke Khiladi About Channel Colors and its show "Fear Factor-Khatron Ke Khiladi" Inside videos “Fear Factor-Khatron Ke Khiladi” Promo song "Fear Factor-Khatron ke khiladi" About NDTV serial “Jasuben Jayantilal Joshi Ki Joint Family”

Last video of Ishmeet from Maldives

Yesterday, most of people in India got shocked to hear sad news of sudden death of Ishmeet Singh. Ishmeet was in Maldives to attend Star Voice of Maldives show scheduled on 1st August, 2008. Yesterday was his first day in Maldives when he drowned in swimming pool of his hotel (Dhonveli Beach and Spa Resort). Ishmeet was rushed to nearest hospital, however, doctors present there declared him dead. Below, watch last video of Ishmeet Singh from Maldives. IBN’s news video report on Ishmeet’s death- Also read- Ishmeet Singh died in Maldives Watch Saas Bahu Aur Saazish report on Ishmeet Singh Ishmeet Singh From Ludhiana is First "Voice of India" Videos of Ishmeet

Making of Film “The Dark Knight”

Below, enjoy videos of making of popular and super hit action film “The Dark Knight”. This latest Batman venture made numbers of records like highest revenue on single day. This film is full of many brilliant action scenes which provide a good entertainment. I loved this movie for great action present in it. However, very less people know that how these scenes are made. Now with the help of video of making of film “The Dark Knight”, people can understand few facts. Also visit- Review- The Dark Knight (Superb) Watch high quality "The Dark Knight" Trailer Watch premier of “The Dark Knight”

Beautiful Aishwarya

Below enjoy a video title “Beautiful Aishwarya” which shows some beautiful pictures of Aishwarya. Today, hardly any person in this world has any doubt over the beauty of Aishwarya and people across the world admire her beauty. Hopefully, Ashwarya fans will enjoy this video full of her beautiful pictures. For more visit- Latest on Abhishek and Aishwarya

New trailers- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter is coming back on big screen with his new film “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince “. Story of film is taken from sixth novel in this series with same name and it revolves around sixth year of harry potter in Hogwarts. In this film people will learn about Lord Voldemort's past. This part of Harry Potter series will also have flavor of emerging love relations. Below, people can enjoy new trailors of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”. ALso visit- Latest Spiderman 4 Trailer Latest trailer Spiderman 4 (2)

Earth quake in Los Angeles, California

There are reports available of earthquake in Los Angeles, California in US. The epic centre of earth quake was in Chino hills and was measuring 5.4 on Richter scale. This earth quake happened at 11:42 a.m local time of Los Angeles. Earth quake was powerful enough to sake buildings in Los Angeles. So far, no reports of any damage are available in media due to this earthquake. Effects of this earthquake are felt in 100 KM radius of its centre in Chino hills. According to experts, it was a moderate earthquake and lasted for only less than 20 seconds. 16 aftershocks of this earthquake are also reported in next 20 minutes in range of 1.6 to 3.8. Mostly, people across the world have lot of fear of earthquakes because in past earthquakes have killed millions of people in different parts of world. Mild earthquakes are a common thing in present world; however, still they can create much damage if they last for long time or building are not strong enough to absorb these shocks. Power of an earth

Ishmeet Singh died in Maldives

In a saddest development today, voice of India champ Ishmeet Singh from Ludhiana died in Maldives due to drowning in swimming pool of hotel (Dhonveli Beach and Spa Resort) where he was staying. This incidence took place in Male capital of Maldives. Only Today morning, Ishmeet Singh reached Maldives for presenting a show in one of Maldives resort for his company, whom with he has contract. He was supposed to participate in Star Voice of Maldives scheduled for August 1. Ishmeet’s family which lives in Ludhiana is in complete shock over this incidence and family friends and relatives are gathering at Ishmeet’s house. Ishmeet was only son of his parents, now only three members have left in his family including his elder sister and parents. Ishmeet Singh was only 19 year old and he was one of promising singing stars from India. Already, Ishmeet Singh has got lot of popularity among people scattered in different parts of world. Ishmeet came in limelight last year when he won “Voice of India”

Thoughts on friendship Day

In recent times, it has become common trend in India to celebrate days dedicated to various relationships and persons like Valentine’s Day for Love, Mother’s day for mother, Fathers Day for Father and Friendship Day for Friends. Though, there is no harm in celebrating these days, however, one question also rises here that why we need to celebrate these days. Does our love for our parents, friends and lovers depend on single day of year? In India, we mostly like to live in joint families where whole family live together and mostly, our friend circle also remains same and nearby us. We celebrate number of festivals and occasions with them. We often remember them and they mostly remember us. Therefore, in India our dependence on particular days is very less. While in developed countries like US, people live a more individualistic life with very less interference from others. Therefore, they feel the need for these days to remember these people and relationships. History of Friendship day

Thought of Day on Preparation (29/07/08)

Below, Enjoy beautiful Though of Day on Preparation, which tells the importance of Preparation. "It is not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference." Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this Thought of Day. For more Thoughts visit- Get Thought of day Read different Thoughts of Day Collection of “Thoughts of Day”

Beatrix Potter's work for children

It is really a wonderful and exciting experience to write something about children because with these writings children get a chance to laugh and dream. These small imaginary stories which children read in childhood provide them a lot of help in increasing their abilities of imagination and creativity in life. Moreover, these stories also help children in learning number of good habits. In past many good children writers have given their contribution in this field by writing books for children and Helen Beatrix Potter popularly known as Beatrix Potter is also one of them. Today whole world is celebrating her birthday, as she was born on 28 July, 1866 in London. This English children writer has credit of writing 23 children books and we all still remember her first and famous book “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”. She died on 22 Dec, 1943; however, her books are still very popular among children across the world. She was also a mycologist, and conservationist. She was also an example of indep

Anna Patterson’s to compete with

Finally, there is someone who is boldly challenging Google’s supremacy on internet and it is not any new face for Google. It is Anna Patterson who took part in creating Google search engine index. Now Anna with the help of her husband Tom Costello, who is also a search engine expert, has decided to challenge Google search engine with her newly created search engine Cuil search engine. Though, her new search engine has failed on first day test due to heavy rush to because of high publicity it received today., which is promoted by Anna as Google Killer looks to be got killed on first day. Despite this, we can hope that will again bounce back with increased capacity; however, it is important to know that opportunity knocks at door for only one time. Many claims are being made about cuil search engine like it has 3 times more pages indexed in it than indexed by Google; however, it is difficult to check reality because Google do not disclose its data. Presently, G

About Bob Novak

It is easy for people to achieve height in their career with the help of their degrees. However, there are few people who just do reverse of it because they believe more on themselves then on few degrees. Robert Novak or popularly known as “Bob Novak” is also one of them. This well known journalist and columnist left his graduation between when he was just one course behind completing his graduation from University of Illinois, however, after 40 years seeing his great work and success, University of Illinois decided to give him degree in journalism. This is one of its kinds of examples where a person not followed a degree but a degree followed him. Some people in this world do have strong trust on their dreams and they mostly do not require much support from degrees to achieve their dream and Bob Novak is also one of them. Today, Novak has achieved great success in journalism which hardly any other person will be able to repeat. He holds credit of writing longest Column in US for almos

Michael Pardue- Story of justice denied in US

We mostly see US as a nation where we can find maximum respect for the human rights; however, sadly, we can find many stories in US unfold where people are denied basic human rights. These kinds of trends are not good for US which is a super power and claims itself best country to live in world. In India, human rights violation is not a new thing and here we can find many examples where people are imprisoned for whole life without even being convicted. Case of Michael Pardue also tells us same story. Michael served 28 years behind bars for crimes he never done. Police authorities forced this 17 year boy to confess murder of two people though there was no single forensic evidence available with police against him. Being poor Michael never gets right treatment from authorities concerned or any kind of help. Due to frustration, he broke jail for three times but mostly got caught in few days. In 1997, all charges were dropped against due to lack of evidences; however, he remained inside pr

Search for new search engine

Search engines have made our life very simple on internet and today, lot of credit goes to them for making internet an easy tool for information search. With the help of search engines, we can easily find useful information in seconds. Though, different search engines have their shortcoming and due to this reason, we also see search for new search engines. However, some of the leading search engines like Google have made many times improvements in their search result presentation and their search results in recent years. We today get are more fast and accurate results from our search engines. Though, still no search is 100% in this world and therefore, we see arrival of new search engines constantly. Many of these search engines are even offering reward points for using their search engines and people can redeem these rewards points for gifts. However, sadly most of these new search engines are not able to make any impact on users. Big search engine players like Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN

Mumbai Rains

Finally, Mumbai is receiving heavy rains today giving some relief to people from a heat wave. Mumbai has started seeing some rain falls from as early as Friday; however, tomorrow and today heavy rains delighted many people in most parts of Mumbai. This year Mumbai has seen a long dry period during the month of July which usually gets heavy rainfall during monsoon season. Weather department has predicted more rains in Mumbai in next few days and hopefully, these rains will completely end dry spell in Mumbai. However, Mumbai is also notorious for its rains because heavy rains have many times created problem for this city. So far, there is no news of this kind is available where rains have caused any serious damage in Mumbai. Though at some places metro trains are running 20-35 minute late and water has logged in some low lying areas, however, traffic is running smoothly so far. These rains have also helped in recharging most of the lakes in Mumbai thus decreasing chances of the sacr

Listen and download Shani Mantra

Below listen and download beautiful and powerful Shani Mantra. Listening and chanting of Shani Mantra provides a great option in front of us to decrease effects of Shani Dosha. People who have Shani dosha should listen to this Shani Mantra constantly. Moreover, Shani devotion also provides number of rewards to people and increase chances of success in business, job and life. Therefore, it is advisable to respect Shani God and try to please him by listening Shani Mantra. In the present world of IT revolution, it has become even more easier for us to listen and chant different Mantras. People can also download this Shani Mantra on their computer for anytime listening, they are required to visit eSnips Track detail page. For more Shani Mantras and Videos visit- Shani Mantras Download ALso visit- Shinganapur Maharashtra Shani Dham pictures cum video Shani Mantra and Pictures Listen to nonstop Ganesh Mantra Video of Sai Baba Shirdi Temple Lord Shiva Aarti Maa Vaishno Devi yatra Pictures cu

How far anyone can go to please Gods?

From centuries, humans have developed different forms of sacrifices for their Gods. Sacrifices are very common in almost all religions of world. Giving pain to one’s body also come under these sacrifices made by people to please their Gods. Piercing is one form of painful sacrifice made in many southern parts of India to please Gods. Below, people can watch Reuters video where people are piercing their different body to please goddess Mariamman. Some people may find this video very painful to watch, however, this is a big reality of many religions in world.

Abhishek Aishwarya bought villa in Dubai

Popular Bollywood star couple, Aishwarya Rai Bachan and Abhishek Bachan, has bought a new villa in Dubai. At present, this villa is under construction and will be complete by 2010. With this Aish and Abhi have become new Indian stars who own a property in Dubai. Indian super star Shahrukh Khan already has a similar luxury villa in Dubai. The name of this 96 villa community is “Sanctuary Falls” and it includes only luxury villas in the price range of $ 4 million to $ 9.5 million. Some important features of Sanctuary falls villa community include lake, big gardens, golf course, world class swimming pool and water fall, though they all are man made. Every villa will have a beautiful views from it like may face a lake, garden or water fall etc. All the villas will be fitted with latest luxury facilities available in the market and after completion will be best villas in their category. Now, Abhishek and Aishwarya can easily enjoy separate and undisturbed life in the luxurious environment

Find STD codes of All Indian cities or Name of Cities from STD codes

With the help of tool available below, people can easily find STD codes of all Indian cities or name of Indian cities from STD codes. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult for use to find STD codes for different cities of India or find name of cities by seeing STD codes. I have myself faced this difficulty numbers of times. It is very easy to use this gadget. People are only required to first select Indian state then particular city for which they want to get STD code. For finding city name people are required to put STD code is search box and then press on get city button. This gadget will make it very easy for people to find STD codes or cities from these codes. This gadget also provides an option in front of people to easily search ISD codes in similar manner. Also visit- Check PNR status (Indian Railway)

Latest on Ahmedabad Blasts

Below find all latest updates of Ahmedabad Blasts available on this blog. Ahmedabad and Bangalore blasts in one day difference have completely shocked the whole nation. 26 bombs exploded in these cities in just two days killing 31 people and injuring more than 100 people. This post will also be updated in future when news becomes available about these blasts. For latest visit Delhi Blasts 1) Ahmedabad Blasts 2) Ahmedabad blasts Video 3) Indian Mujahideen behind Ahmedabad Blast? 4) 17 serial Bomb Blast in Ahmedabad (What next?) 5) Asia and terrorism 6) Bangalore Blasts (Also watch videos)

Indian Mujahideen behind Ahmedabad Blast?

Indian Mujahideen, a hardly known terrorist outfit has taken the responsibility of Ahmedabad blasts by sending a 14 page email to Indian news channels. In this mail, they explained that why they carried out these blasts and what are their next targets. Indian Mujahideen has claimed these bomb blasts as their revenge against state of Gujarat for arresting and torturing their brothers like SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) members. Through, this mail they have also threatened to make more strikes in MP, Maharashtra and other parts of India. Their real motive behind this mail looks to be creating panic and hatred among people of different religion. While Indian Intelligence Bureau claim that there is no actual outfit with name of Indian Mujahideen and it is a creation of terrorist outfits like bangladesh’s outfit Harkat-ul-Jihadi to misguide investigations. This group also took responsibility of serial Jaipur blast which took place few months back. In past years, it has remained s

Ahmedabad blasts Video

Today, Indian saw another bloody day when 17 serial bomb bombs exploded Ahmadabad. Sa far 15 people are reported dead in these blasts and more than 100 are injured. Indian Mujahedeen are believed responsible for these blasts. Ahmedabad blasts have created situation of panic in India. Below people can watch video cum ANI’s report of Ahmedabad blasts. For more updates visit- Ahmedabad Blasts Indian Mujahideen behind Ahmedabad Blast? 17 serial Bomb Blast in Ahmedabad (What next?)

17 serial Bomb Blast in Ahmedabad (What next?)

Today, 17 serial bomb blasts rocked Ahmedabad killing 15 people and injuring more than 100 people. Even reports of new explosions are coming very next minute. People of Ahmedabad are under great panic and anger over these blasts. These bomb blasts have taken place just one day after nine low intensity serial bomb blasts in Bangalore. Terrorists even sent a email before these explosions to authorities. Most of Ahmadabad roads are jammed due to these bomb blasts. It also look from these attacks that terrorists are targeting towards BJP lead states i.e. states where BJP governments are present. Most of the big political leaders of India have condemned this incidence and advised people to remain in calm. Police and FSL teams have reached to exams these spots for getting early evidences. For more updates read- Delhi Blasts Ahmedabad Blasts Indian Mujahideen behind Ahmedabad Blast? Ahmedabad blasts Video

Ahmedabad Blasts

It looks that some terrorist organisations have made Indian as their prime target and just after one day of nine bomb blasts in Bangalore reports are coming of 16 similar but high intensity bomb blasts in Ahmadabad in 70 just minutes this evening . This time bomb blasts are stronger than yesterday bomb blasts in Bangalore. All bombs have exploded in old parts of Ahmedabad. So far reports are available about 90 people injured and 45 died in these blas ts. Less know outfit Indian Mujahideen has took the responsibility of these blasts which earlier also took responsibility of Jaipur blast and blast in three UP cities. Both these bomb blasts look very much linked to each other as both blasts were of same kind. First bomb blast occurred at around 6:40 PM this evenin g. This time terrorist used Tiffin boxes and bicycles for exploding these bombs. First blast took place in Maninagar area, where total 3 bomb exploded and some other places where bomb blasts took place are Bapunagar, Amraiwadi,

Asia and terrorism

In recent times, Asia has become hub of terrorist activities and these terrorists are becoming threat for Asian people. Recent Bomb Blasts in major parts of India are also indicating towards this fact. Situation is also not smooth in Pakistan where Bomb blasts have become a common thing. Same situation we can find in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Though, motives of terrorists may be different in different countries, however, they all are creating big threat for common people of Asia. Most of Asian governments have remained complete failure in controlling this problem and we are seeing terrorists constantly challenging security of people. Mostly, governments have their own reasons behind not putting full control on terrorism and in some countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan, government even do not have full control over many parts of country. Mixture of religion and terrorism is also posing greater threat in front of these nations. High levels of illiteracy in these nations a

Trailer of Abhishek Bachan’s “Drona”

Below watch trailer of Abhishek Bachan’s forthcoming film “Drona”. This film is expected to release of 2 October, 2008. In this film, cine fans will watch Abhishek Bachan as Drona, fighting with evil to save the world. This film is full of extraordinary and nails biting stunts. Priyanka Chopra, Jaya Bachan and Kay Kay Menon are other main stars in this film. Also visit- Watch Priyanka Chopra in Drona Read Pre-release reviews of forthcoming Bollywood Films

Check Final Results of Bihar Sanskrit Shiksha Board (BSSB)

Latest Post  About Bihar Sanskrit Shiksha Board Results/recognition and Authenticity  Finally, after quite a struggle details are available about Bihar Sanskrit Shiksha Board (BSSB) and students can find the link below for getting all the Final Results related to BSSB. Their official website is This website is in Hindi and Flash, therefore, people found difficulty in finding it. On this website, people can easily find all results online of BSSB. Through, the final results link students can get the result by entering the roll number in the box available on the page. After pressing get result button complete mark sheet of students will emerge on screen. This is a simple option to get all the results of the BSSB and students are not required to visit any other site. For Final results of Bihar Sanskrit Shiksha Board (BSSB) visit- The old site of BSSB was which is not available now.

Watch Last Lecture of Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch has shown a great spirit for facing life and death. People can easily learn lots of things from his life. Below, I am added complete video of his world popular Last Lecture “Really Achieving Your childhood Dreams” at Carnegie Mellon University. This is very inspirational lecture from Randy and we can learn lot from it. Also visit- Inspiring Life of Randy Pausch

Inspiring Life of Randy Pausch

There are few people in this world who become great source of inspiration for us and Randy Pausch real name Randolph Frederick Pausch is also one of them. This Carnegie Mellon University Professor of computer science and author died yesterday at his home Chesapeake, Virginia. He was just 47 years old. Randy came to fame with his world famous “The last lecture” speech on Sep 18, 2007 at Carnegie Mellon University auditorium just few months before his death. He was born on Oct 23, 1960 in Maryland. He got his bachelor degree in computer science from Brown university and Phd in computer science from Carnegie Mellon university. He left behind his wife Jai and three kids. In August 2006, Randy Pausch was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He went through numbers of treatments for getting rid over this disease, however, one year later doctors told him that his cancers has reached in his liver and spleen and nothing can be done to save him. After realizing this truth instead of becoming fearfu

Information on Bihar Sanskrit Shiksha Board (BSSB)

Latest Post  About Bihar Sanskrit Shiksha Board Results/recognition and Authenticity  Finally, after quite a struggle details are available about Bihar Sanskrit Shiksha Board (BSSB) and students can find link below for getting Final Results 2008. Their official website is This website is in Hindi and Flash, therefore, people found difficulty in finding it. On this website, people can easily find all results online of BSSB. Through, the final results 2008 link students can get result by putting their centre code and roll number in boxes provided on page. After pressing get result button complete mark sheet of students will emerge on screen. For Final results 2008 or Final Result ,2008 Bihar is one state of India which is still struggling when we think about IT revolution. Today, lots of students from Bihar are searching for Bihar Sanskrit Shiksha Board (BSSB) results online, however, no information about this board or any result is availabl

Complete Earth Map and Satellite images

People can easily watch earthmap and maps of different countries of world with the help of gadget available below. Moreover, people can also watch satellite images of these areas. This earth map is very simple to use and people are only required to click over locations to get more detail about it. People can select different continents like Asia, Europe, and Africa etc. This complete Atlas is made available by Tele Atlas and European Technologies. Click over map to activate it.

Check PNR status (Indian Railway)

With the help of gadget available below, people can easily check PNR status of their Indian railway tickets. Only people are required to write pnr number in box present below and then press submit. Just in few minutes pnr status for respective ticket will be available in new window. In India, Indian railways play a very important role in transporting people from one place to other and second, it is the cheapest option available in front of people for travelling in India. Therefore, millions of people use this medium of transport everyday for reaching their destination point. Option 1 Call 139 (from Landline, GSM/CDMA mobile) for checking PNR status. First select language and choose option 1. Option 2 SMS PNR to 5676747 eg. PNR 2254330138 Option 3 SMS PNR to 58888 Option 4 SMS PNR to 54959 Also Now access this Information on Mobile by visiting- through GPRS enabled Mobile phone Also visit- Check Indian railway train status Search Trains, Train numbers and Tr

Latest interview Shilpa Shetty

Below watch latest interview of spiritual Guru Shipla Shetty. Recently, Shilpa Shetty was found endorsing a Liquor brand and when asked about her opinion on liquor drinking then she only said that she is just endorsing this brand and not encouraging anyone to drink. She also looked somewhat puzzled when asked about number of questions. So enjoy latest interview of Shilpa Shetty during a liquor endorsement. Also read- Shilpa Shetty Yoga Video More Shilpa Shetty Yoga Video Controversy of Shilpa Shetty and Richard Gere Shilpa shetty-Again in lime light Shilpa Shetty became a Brand Finally Shilpa Shetty won Reality show Big Brother Big Brother and Shilpa Shetty

Simply Rare Twins (Watch)

Sometimes, nature does strange miracles in this world and one of such miracle is birth of two different coloured rare twins i.e. black and white in Germany. One twin has black skin like his mother, who is an African and other twin has white skin like his father, who is a German. These twin brothers took birth on 11 July, 2008 to a German couple. The names of kids are Ryan and Leo. Leo has black skin and Ryan has white skin. Father Stephan and mother Florence both are surprised and happy on birth of these twins. According to doctors both these twins are now fine. Birth of different skin coloured twins is a rare phenomenon (odds are only one in one million for these kind of twin to take birth), therefore, we are seeing attention of whole world on this issue. Below in available video, people can watch these twins and their parents. This is really a great miracle of nature and they are truly rare twins on this planet. Also visit- I am selling my daughter for hundred rupees

Watch Hayes Carll’s “She Left Me for Jesus”

Below watch Hayes Carll’s popular song “She Left Me for Jesus” from his album TROUBLE IN MIND. Many people have liked this song in recent times and this song is among top songs from quite some time. Though, some people also have objections over some lyrics of this songs, still this song is doing well. Also visit- Watch who made the potato salad

Bangalore Blasts (Also watch videos)

Today nine bomb blasts at six different places rocked Bangalore city of India. So far according to reports 2 person (including a woman) has died in these bomb blasts and 12 others are injured (2 critical). Some of the areas where explosion took place are Nayandahalli, Madivala, Adugodi. Bombs were of low intensity and locally made ones, terrorists used chemicals and nut bolts for making these bombs. It looked that terrorists also used Timers and mobile phones to trigger all bombs on time. First explosion took place around 1:30 PM and rest of explosion followed it in few minutes. So far, no terrorist organisation has taken responsibility for these blasts. This bomb blasts has again pointed that Bangalore is on top list of Terrorists and they can do anything to spoil peace in Bangalore. Bangalore also host of major IT companies of India and it can be said as IT capital of India, therefore, it looks that terrorist want to target IT industry of India. According to TOI, Let and SIMI people

Review Lenovo Y510

Finally, a new laptop model Y510 is available from Lenovo which will definitely attract people who love to watch movies and listen music on their laptop because with Y510, they are not required to use external speakers. This laptop will come with 4.1 Dolby surround sound system inbuilt in it which will include two main speaker, two secondary speaker and a woofer. Therefore, people can now hope for very clear sound clarity with their laptop which presently we miss in most of laptops. This Laptop will also include other popular features of Lenovo laptops like face recognition, inbuilt TV tuner, integrated camera etc. Lenovo says that they have made face recognition system more strong in this model, therefore, people can now hope for more security for their laptop with this system. This laptop comes with 2 GB RAM which makes it a powerful device for editing. Overall, people can hope for excellent performance with this Lenovo Laptop. This laptop will cost between Rs 42000 to Rs 50000 in In

Latest trailer Spiderman 4 (2)

Below enjoy the latest trailer of Spider man 4 which is forthcoming film in sideman series. In this part, all villains will again return, therefore, this film is promoted as enjoyment of four films in one. Though real truth of film will came in front of us only after its release. Spiderman enjoys a huge fan following around the world, therefore, we can hope for huge opening for this film. ALso visit- Latest Spiderman 4 Trailer New trailers- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

First Look Chandni Chowk To China

Below enjoy first look of Akshay Kumar’s forthcoming film “Chandni Chowk To China”. Some people believe that this film is inspired from real life story of Akshay Kumar, though official nothing is said so far about this belief. Deepika Padukone will be seen against Akshay Kumar for first time. This film is also first Indian film produced by Warner Brothers. Therefore, people have lot of expectations from this film. This is film is a mixture of action and comedy and Akshay Kumar is excited about this film because after quite long time, he will get chance to fight on big screen. Read Pre-release reviews of forthcoming Bollywood Films

Use of money in trust vote

Opposition parties have put lot of blames on UPA lead government for using power of money to encourage cross voting. Around 10 opposition MPs voted in favour of UPA lead government and 10 MPs did not voted for any side. Moreover, Loksabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee also did not give resign from his post as asked by his party. Now if all these members of Parliament have voted against government then chances of UPA lead government survival were very low. Therefore, few things have not gone right in this trust vote and will encourage more MPs to indulge in such activities in future. It is duty of every MP to show right conduct because their conducts are seen by whole nation. However, problem is that standards of many MPs have decreased considerably and they can do anything for money and position. It is also wrong on the part of ruling party to use wrong methods for winning trust vote. Within few months next elections will take place and then we can hope that people will punish these corru

Listen to Indian Radio online

With the help of gadget available below, people can easily listen live to popular online India radio FM channels. Total 20 Indian internet radio channels are available for listening. People can easily enjoy popular Hindi, Punjabi and other language music with the help of these 24 hour online India radio channels. Most of the radio channels provide high quality online music streaming and these channels can be heard at even low internet speed. How to Listen thousands of live music Stations? Also watch- Listen to Hindi FM radio Online Watch DD news Live Watch CNN-IBN live (Indian News Channel)

Abhishek promised a baby to Aishwarya

Last year, we all heard numbers of rumours related to pregnancy of Aishwarya rai bachan. However, later all these news came as false news. Now, good news is coming from Bachan’s world tour “The Unforgettable Tour” where Abhishek Bachan has promised his wife Aishwarya that soon he will give Aishwarya a baby. Abhishek promised baby to Aishwarya in front of thousands of fans, media persons and Amitab Bachan during this world tour. Therefore, now we can hope that new member is coming in Bachan family shortly. After one year of their marriage, we can hope that Young Bachan’s may have made their mind for increase in Bachan family. This news will again increase speculations about arrival of new baby in Bachan life. Though, this is a personal matter of Bachan family, however, millions of their fans want to know about any latest happening in Bachan family. For more visit- Latest on Abhishek and Aishwarya

Abhishek Aishwarya together pictures

Below, enjoy beautiful pictures of famous Bollywood couple Abhishek Bachan and Aishwarya Rai Bachan. This slide show includes pictures of Abhishek and Ashwarya rai together from their films and real life. Hopefully, people will enjoy together pictures of this beautiful couple. Also visit- Latest on Abhishek and Aishwarya

Aishwarya and Abhishek honeymoon pictures

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Watch who made the potato salad

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Truth of global warming (Must watch documentary)

Today global warming has become a hot topic of every person’s discussion because every person feel connected with this issue and found him responsible for it. Global warming has got worldwide attention and therefore, we see most of people feeling concerned about this issue. However, there are many facts about global warming which are not told to general public like up to which extent human are responsible for rise in global temperature, role of sun in increasing earth temperature etc. It may be surprising for all of us to know that around 80% of rise in world temperature has came before 1940 when there are less numbers of humans and no industrial growth. Why should be blame only CO2 gas when it constitute very less amount of green house gases as water vapours constitute 95% of total green house gases. There exit a direct relation between increase in solar activity and increase in temperature on earth. Many times earth temperature has increased and decreased in earth’s life without much

Estelle Getty and her great life

Just few hours back news came in media that legendary film, stage and television actress Estelle Getty died at the age of 84. Though, Estelle Getty was not a very famous star like other famous Hollywood stars however, she was clear example of constant struggle and finally winning biggest battle of life. It took Getty to struggle for 40 years to get her life’s best role in famous sitcom “The Golden Girls”. Many people in this world may never think for 40 year long struggle for becoming successful in life, however, it was great determination of Estelle Getty which pushed her ahead on this difficult path. She achieved big success in her work when she got seven times nominated for Emmy Awards and three times for Golden Globe awards. She also won Golden globe award and Emmy award one time each in 1986 and 1988 respectively. She also remained part of biggest Hollywood hits like Mask (1985) and Stuart Little (1999). She was born on July 25, 1923 in New York City. She was happily married to Ar

Shahrukh and Salman fight (details)

Presently, cine fans of India are busy in discussing recent fight between Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan during Katrina’s birthday party. According to the eye witnesses, situation became so violent that both Shahrukh and Salman were very near to hitting each other. Katrina and Gauri were forced to intervene between this fight to stop Shahrukh and Salman from further fight. It is assumed that this fight started when Shahrukh refused to Salman Khan’s proposal of giving guest appearance in his forthcoming film “Mr and Mrs Khanna”. Salman became violent on listening no from Shahrukh Khan and started abusing him. Later shahrukh also restored to abuse and full fledge fight was just on corner between them before Katrina and Gauri intervened. This fight came as great blow for all cine fans as they never expected such kind of fight from top stars of India. In future, we can that no more such incidences will happen again. Below watch IBN live report on this fight. More details of Shahrukh and Sal

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UPA government likely to win trust vote?

Finally, it has become clear that congress lead UPA government is heading for victory in trust vote which will take place today evening. Major relief came for government today when six MPs of opposition submitted their leave applications to speaker of parliament, later their application are also accepted by speaker. Therefore, now government is only required to secure just 268 votes for winning this trust vote. Moreover, at least 4 opposition MPs are likely to vote in favour of government against their parties’ decision to oppose government. 2 independent MPs from northeast have also decided to vote in favour of UPA government. 2 MPs of National conference will also support government in today’s trust vote. Therefore, we can say that government is very likely to win this trust vote with good margin. Some opposition parties have already accepted their defeat and they are trying to reunite their MPs with them. Overall, it is good news for UPA government that they will survive for few mor

Pre-release Review “Ugly Aur Pagli”

Visit- Review- “Ugly Aur Pagli” “Ugly Aur Pagli” is one of the next Mallika Sherawat’s films which will hit theatres on 1st Aug, 2008. After quite a long time, we will see a film where film is known more for its heroine than hero. Ranbir Shorey will be seen as hero in this film; however, trailers of film suggest something else. Though, whatever may be the case, this film will definitely attract good audience because of unique concept. This film is a comedy film based on love story because here our hero fall in love with a girl, who forces him to do number of silly things like walking semi naked, wearing high heeled ladies shoes etc. Ranbir is playing role of Kabir (his name in film), a carefree guy who is studying engineering for last 10 years. Finally, a bold and wild girl enters his life (Mallika) and makes life very tuff for him. Though, life becomes a slightly tough for Kabir, however, audience gets a good chance to enjoy all of his sufferings. Finally, both hero and heroine disco

Promo video song "Main Taali' film Ugly aur Pagli

Below watch promo video of song “Main Taali” of forthcoming film Ugly aur Pagli. This song staring Mallika Sherawat has already become big hit and found its place in big dance numbers. Though, some people have also raised objection over words used in this song, however, this song is becoming more and more popular day by day. Also visit- Review- “Ugly Aur Pagli” Trailers of Ugly Aur Pagli Pre-release Review “Ugly Aur Pagli” Read Pre-release reviews of forthcoming Bollywood Films

Trailers of Ugly Aur Pagli

Below watch trailers of forthcoming film “Ugly Aur Pagli” starting Mallika Sherawat and Ranbir Shorey. This film will be released on 1st of August. Already, some songs of film like Taali etc have become big hit. There are good chances that this film can also become successful. This film will attract crowd due to Mallika Sherawat and her bold acting style. Ranbir Shorey is very promising star in Indian cinema, therefore, combination of both these can be good for film. Ugly Aur Pagli Teaser- Karle Gunaah song Ugly aur Pagli Also visit- Review- “Ugly Aur Pagli” Promo video song "Main Taali' film Ugly aur Pagli Pre-release Review “Ugly Aur Pagli” Read Pre-release reviews of forthcoming Bollywood Films

Focus on Parliament news

Today, focus of most of people in India and world is on Indian parliament news because they all want to know that tomorrow this UPA lead government will survive or not. In the present world, India holds a great significance and also India is biggest democracy of world. Therefore, everybody wants to know that what is going on in this democracy. For Indians, parliament news is important because this news will update them about future of this parliament. People want to know that will this session of parliament will complete its five years or not. Tomorrow’s confidence vote will make or break fate of many people and political parties. Some people and parties will emerge as king makers while others will be side lined. Some MPs may get good ministries or they will be forced to get ready for next election. For more few hours, people’s focus on parliament news will remain same because this news tells the story of largest democracy of India. People in many other countries will also watch these