Shahrukh and Salman fight (details)

Presently, cine fans of India are busy in discussing recent fight between Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan during Katrina’s birthday party. According to the eye witnesses, situation became so violent that both Shahrukh and Salman were very near to hitting each other. Katrina and Gauri were forced to intervene between this fight to stop Shahrukh and Salman from further fight. It is assumed that this fight started when Shahrukh refused to Salman Khan’s proposal of giving guest appearance in his forthcoming film “Mr and Mrs Khanna”. Salman became violent on listening no from Shahrukh Khan and started abusing him. Later shahrukh also restored to abuse and full fledge fight was just on corner between them before Katrina and Gauri intervened. This fight came as great blow for all cine fans as they never expected such kind of fight from top stars of India. In future, we can that no more such incidences will happen again. Below watch IBN live report on this fight.

More details of Shahrukh and Salman Fight-

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