UPA government likely to win trust vote?

Finally, it has become clear that congress lead UPA government is heading for victory in trust vote which will take place today evening. Major relief came for government today when six MPs of opposition submitted their leave applications to speaker of parliament, later their application are also accepted by speaker.

Therefore, now government is only required to secure just 268 votes for winning this trust vote. Moreover, at least 4 opposition MPs are likely to vote in favour of government against their parties’ decision to oppose government. 2 independent MPs from northeast have also decided to vote in favour of UPA government.

2 MPs of National conference will also support government in today’s trust vote. Therefore, we can say that government is very likely to win this trust vote with good margin. Some opposition parties have already accepted their defeat and they are trying to reunite their MPs with them.

Overall, it is good news for UPA government that they will survive for few more months and get good chance to prepare for next elections.

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