Abhishek promised a baby to Aishwarya

Last year, we all heard numbers of rumours related to pregnancy of Aishwarya rai bachan. However, later all these news came as false news. Now, good news is coming from Bachan’s world tour “The Unforgettable Tour” where Abhishek Bachan has promised his wife Aishwarya that soon he will give Aishwarya a baby.

Abhishek promised baby to Aishwarya in front of thousands of fans, media persons and Amitab Bachan during this world tour. Therefore, now we can hope that new member is coming in Bachan family shortly. After one year of their marriage, we can hope that Young Bachan’s may have made their mind for increase in Bachan family.

This news will again increase speculations about arrival of new baby in Bachan life. Though, this is a personal matter of Bachan family, however, millions of their fans want to know about any latest happening in Bachan family.

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