Beatrix Potter's work for children

It is really a wonderful and exciting experience to write something about children because with these writings children get a chance to laugh and dream. These small imaginary stories which children read in childhood provide them a lot of help in increasing their abilities of imagination and creativity in life. Moreover, these stories also help children in learning number of good habits.

In past many good children writers have given their contribution in this field by writing books for children and Helen Beatrix Potter popularly known as Beatrix Potter is also one of them. Today whole world is celebrating her birthday, as she was born on 28 July, 1866 in London. This English children writer has credit of writing 23 children books and we all still remember her first and famous book “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”.

She died on 22 Dec, 1943; however, her books are still very popular among children across the world. She was also a mycologist, and conservationist. She was also an example of independent woman who lived her life as per dreams. Potter was grown up in a lonely environment with lots of her pets; therefore, she used her imagination to write books for children and giving famous characters like Peter Rabbit.

Even after so many years of her death, people still have great respect for her work and children love her for giving these extraordinary books. Beatrix Potter will always remain alive in this world with her great work.
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