About Bob Novak

It is easy for people to achieve height in their career with the help of their degrees. However, there are few people who just do reverse of it because they believe more on themselves then on few degrees. Robert Novak or popularly known as “Bob Novak” is also one of them.

This well known journalist and columnist left his graduation between when he was just one course behind completing his graduation from University of Illinois, however, after 40 years seeing his great work and success, University of Illinois decided to give him degree in journalism.

This is one of its kinds of examples where a person not followed a degree but a degree followed him. Some people in this world do have strong trust on their dreams and they mostly do not require much support from degrees to achieve their dream and Bob Novak is also one of them.

Today, Novak has achieved great success in journalism which hardly any other person will be able to repeat. He holds credit of writing longest Column in US for almost 45 years. He has also participated in number of popular live shows on CNN. People can easily learn more about him by regarding book on his journalism career “Prince of Darkness: Fifty Years Reporting in Washington”.

Today, news broke in media that US leading journalist and columnist Bob Novak has a brain tumor and this news shocked many of his fans. People are wishing him for soon recovering because we need people like him in this world.

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