Thoughts on friendship Day

In recent times, it has become common trend in India to celebrate days dedicated to various relationships and persons like Valentine’s Day for Love, Mother’s day for mother, Fathers Day for Father and Friendship Day for Friends. Though, there is no harm in celebrating these days, however, one question also rises here that why we need to celebrate these days.

Does our love for our parents, friends and lovers depend on single day of year? In India, we mostly like to live in joint families where whole family live together and mostly, our friend circle also remains same and nearby us. We celebrate number of festivals and occasions with them. We often remember them and they mostly remember us.

Therefore, in India our dependence on particular days is very less. While in developed countries like US, people live a more individualistic life with very less interference from others. Therefore, they feel the need for these days to remember these people and relationships. History of Friendship day in US is as old as 1935 and it is celebrated on first Sunday of every August, however, friendship is celebrated in India from thousands of Years e.g. famous friendship between Lord Krishna and Sudama.

Slowly, people in India have also started accepting these Days because we are also becoming copies of our brothers and sisters in US. Thanks to fast and busy life, people in India are also becoming more concerned only about themselves. Therefore, now Indians also require help of these days for remembering those forgotten relationships and people.

It is not wrong to remember a friend or parents on particular day, however, why we cannot remember them every day or more often. I am not against people of developed nations; however, I am only against decreasing respect for Indian values and dependence on foreign culture.

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