Michael Pardue- Story of justice denied in US

We mostly see US as a nation where we can find maximum respect for the human rights; however, sadly, we can find many stories in US unfold where people are denied basic human rights. These kinds of trends are not good for US which is a super power and claims itself best country to live in world. In India, human rights violation is not a new thing and here we can find many examples where people are imprisoned for whole life without even being convicted.

Case of Michael Pardue also tells us same story. Michael served 28 years behind bars for crimes he never done. Police authorities forced this 17 year boy to confess murder of two people though there was no single forensic evidence available with police against him. Being poor Michael never gets right treatment from authorities concerned or any kind of help. Due to frustration, he broke jail for three times but mostly got caught in few days. In 1997, all charges were dropped against due to lack of evidences; however, he remained inside prison for breaking jail three times.

It is highly against basic human rights of a person to imprison him for 28 years without any crime and especially in a nation which give lectures on human rights to other nations. Being a poor is still a biggest crime in most parts of world and poor can easily become victim of wrong practises. It is important for countries like US to present better example in front of world, otherwise what we can expect from countries like Afghanistan and Iraq.

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