Inspiring Life of Randy Pausch

There are few people in this world who become great source of inspiration for us and Randy Pausch real name Randolph Frederick Pausch is also one of them. This Carnegie Mellon University Professor of computer science and author died yesterday at his home Chesapeake, Virginia.

He was just 47 years old. Randy came to fame with his world famous “The last lecture” speech on Sep 18, 2007 at Carnegie Mellon University auditorium just few months before his death. He was born on Oct 23, 1960 in Maryland. He got his bachelor degree in computer science from Brown university and Phd in computer science from Carnegie Mellon university.

He left behind his wife Jai and three kids. In August 2006, Randy Pausch was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He went through numbers of treatments for getting rid over this disease, however, one year later doctors told him that his cancers has reached in his liver and spleen and nothing can be done to save him.

After realizing this truth instead of becoming fearful of death, Randy decided to face his death boldly. On Sep 18, 1960, he gave his world popular last lector on Achieving your childhood dreams in front of thousands of other professors and students. Worldwide people admired Randy’s this courage and got inspiration from his life and last lecture.

Mostly, people stop seeing any hope in Life when they face death so closely; however, few brave people like Randy Pausch get maximum use of time left with them then wasting what they have? Hopefully, people will get inspiration from Randy’s life and his lecture and start living a more productive life.

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