Ishmeet Singh died in Maldives

In a saddest development today, voice of India champ Ishmeet Singh from Ludhiana died in Maldives due to drowning in swimming pool of hotel (Dhonveli Beach and Spa Resort) where he was staying. This incidence took place in Male capital of Maldives. Only Today morning, Ishmeet Singh reached Maldives for presenting a show in one of Maldives resort for his company, whom with he has contract. He was supposed to participate in Star Voice of Maldives scheduled for August 1. Ishmeet’s family which lives in Ludhiana is in complete shock over this incidence and family friends and relatives are gathering at Ishmeet’s house.

Ishmeet was only son of his parents, now only three members have left in his family including his elder sister and parents. Ishmeet Singh was only 19 year old and he was one of promising singing stars from India. Already, Ishmeet Singh has got lot of popularity among people scattered in different parts of world. Ishmeet came in limelight last year when he won “Voice of India” singing competition. After winning this competition, he also released his own album and took part in other shows. Ishmeet Singh enjoyed good popularity in Punjab and people of Punjab provided great help in his win in “voice of Indian” singing competition.

Many leading singer have felt sorrow over sudden and early death of Ishmeet Singh. It is very difficult to trust this news that a forthcoming star in voice industry has left this world at very early age. However, it is not possible for any person to change what has happened. Despite his small singing career, Ishmeet Singh has made a big name for himself in singing world and people will remember him from many coming years. Sikh community is Delhi has decided to close their schools in Delhi tomorrow in respect for Ishmeet.

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  1. It is indeed a great loss to the Indian Music Industry,He will live forever in our hearts.

    Khalid Khan (Karachi) Pakistan

  2. True...times like these make one question over the very existence of God. Pray that the family is able to overcome the grief and pay homage to their son. Now people are talking about his death being an accident or a planned murder....i read even his family is askin for a probe in these murders.

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