Truth of global warming (Must watch documentary)

Today global warming has become a hot topic of every person’s discussion because every person feel connected with this issue and found him responsible for it. Global warming has got worldwide attention and therefore, we see most of people feeling concerned about this issue. However, there are many facts about global warming which are not told to general public like up to which extent human are responsible for rise in global temperature, role of sun in increasing earth temperature etc.

It may be surprising for all of us to know that around 80% of rise in world temperature has came before 1940 when there are less numbers of humans and no industrial growth. Why should be blame only CO2 gas when it constitute very less amount of green house gases as water vapours constitute 95% of total green house gases. There exit a direct relation between increase in solar activity and increase in temperature on earth. Many times earth temperature has increased and decreased in earth’s life without much interference of known factors.

Sizes of glaciers on north and south poles have also gone tremendous decrease and increase without much known reasons. Moreover, many developed and big companies are using global warming issue for making their own gains. Today, global warming has become so much big issue that no one wants to challenges it. Every year, billions of dollars are being spent on this issue and millions of jobs are associated with this concept.

Therefore, lots of global warming’s actual realities are not made known to general public. Below, people can watch very insightful documentary film on this issue. This report is must watch for every person living on earth because it will clearly surprise us on number of issues.

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