Use of money in trust vote

Opposition parties have put lot of blames on UPA lead government for using power of money to encourage cross voting. Around 10 opposition MPs voted in favour of UPA lead government and 10 MPs did not voted for any side. Moreover, Loksabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee also did not give resign from his post as asked by his party.

Now if all these members of Parliament have voted against government then chances of UPA lead government survival were very low. Therefore, few things have not gone right in this trust vote and will encourage more MPs to indulge in such activities in future. It is duty of every MP to show right conduct because their conducts are seen by whole nation.

However, problem is that standards of many MPs have decreased considerably and they can do anything for money and position. It is also wrong on the part of ruling party to use wrong methods for winning trust vote. Within few months next elections will take place and then we can hope that people will punish these corrupt MPs.
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