Estelle Getty and her great life

Just few hours back news came in media that legendary film, stage and television actress Estelle Getty died at the age of 84. Though, Estelle Getty was not a very famous star like other famous Hollywood stars however, she was clear example of constant struggle and finally winning biggest battle of life. It took Getty to struggle for 40 years to get her life’s best role in famous sitcom “The Golden Girls”.

Many people in this world may never think for 40 year long struggle for becoming successful in life, however, it was great determination of Estelle Getty which pushed her ahead on this difficult path. She achieved big success in her work when she got seven times nominated for Emmy Awards and three times for Golden Globe awards. She also won Golden globe award and Emmy award one time each in 1986 and 1988 respectively.

She also remained part of biggest Hollywood hits like Mask (1985) and Stuart Little (1999). She was born on July 25, 1923 in New York City. She was happily married to Arthur Gettleman, who died in 2004. She also has two sons. From last few years, she was suffering from Lewy body dementia (disease caused by abnormal levels of nervous system protein Lewy bodies).

Getty will be remembered in this world for her fighting spirit and her great performance in “The Golden Girls”. From her life, we can learn that great success can be achieved in life, if we follow our paths with full determination and face any challenge boldly which come between us and our success.


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