Indian Mujahideen behind Ahmedabad Blast?

Indian Mujahideen, a hardly known terrorist outfit has taken the responsibility of Ahmedabad blasts by sending a 14 page email to Indian news channels. In this mail, they explained that why they carried out these blasts and what are their next targets. Indian Mujahideen has claimed these bomb blasts as their revenge against state of Gujarat for arresting and torturing their brothers like SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) members.

Through, this mail they have also threatened to make more strikes in MP, Maharashtra and other parts of India. Their real motive behind this mail looks to be creating panic and hatred among people of different religion. While Indian Intelligence Bureau claim that there is no actual outfit with name of Indian Mujahideen and it is a creation of terrorist outfits like bangladesh’s outfit Harkat-ul-Jihadi to misguide investigations. This group also took responsibility of serial Jaipur blast which took place few months back.

In past years, it has remained strategy of terrorist outfits to change their names for creating problems in their search. Therefore, after one or two year we see emergence of new terrorist outfits and this trend has become common after September 11. Indian Mujahideen also look one similar terrorist organisation with their roots in Bangladesh. However, government of India need to put some firm control of these terrorist organisations before create more problems for us.

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