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“Ugly Aur Pagli” is one of the next Mallika Sherawat’s films which will hit theatres on 1st Aug, 2008. After quite a long time, we will see a film where film is known more for its heroine than hero. Ranbir Shorey will be seen as hero in this film; however, trailers of film suggest something else. Though, whatever may be the case, this film will definitely attract good audience because of unique concept.

This film is a comedy film based on love story because here our hero fall in love with a girl, who forces him to do number of silly things like walking semi naked, wearing high heeled ladies shoes etc. Ranbir is playing role of Kabir (his name in film), a carefree guy who is studying engineering for last 10 years. Finally, a bold and wild girl enters his life (Mallika) and makes life very tuff for him. Though, life becomes a slightly tough for Kabir, however, audience gets a good chance to enjoy all of his sufferings.

Finally, both hero and heroine discover love in each other after 99 slaps. This film is produced by Pritish Nandy Communication and directed by Sachin Kamlakar Khot. Music of film is given by Anu Malik and already its song “Main Taali” has become big hit. This film is also able to grab attention of people due to its star cast, good songs, Mallika and active promotion. Therefore, we can hope that this film will succeed in entertaining audience.

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