Earth quake in Los Angeles, California

There are reports available of earthquake in Los Angeles, California in US. The epic centre of earth quake was in Chino hills and was measuring 5.4 on Richter scale. This earth quake happened at 11:42 a.m local time of Los Angeles. Earth quake was powerful enough to sake buildings in Los Angeles.

So far, no reports of any damage are available in media due to this earthquake. Effects of this earthquake are felt in 100 KM radius of its centre in Chino hills. According to experts, it was a moderate earthquake and lasted for only less than 20 seconds. 16 aftershocks of this earthquake are also reported in next 20 minutes in range of 1.6 to 3.8.

Mostly, people across the world have lot of fear of earthquakes because in past earthquakes have killed millions of people in different parts of world. Mild earthquakes are a common thing in present world; however, still they can create much damage if they last for long time or building are not strong enough to absorb these shocks.

Power of an earth quake increases by a 10 times for an increase of single digit in Richter scale. Earth quakes above 6 Richter scale are considered harmful and can cause lot of damage.
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