Mumbai Rains

Finally, Mumbai is receiving heavy rains today giving some relief to people from a heat wave. Mumbai has started seeing some rain falls from as early as Friday; however, tomorrow and today heavy rains delighted many people in most parts of Mumbai. This year Mumbai has seen a long dry period during the month of July which usually gets heavy rainfall during monsoon season. Weather department has predicted more rains in Mumbai in next few days and hopefully, these rains will completely end dry spell in Mumbai.

However, Mumbai is also notorious for its rains because heavy rains have many times created problem for this city. So far, there is no news of this kind is available where rains have caused any serious damage in Mumbai. Though at some places metro trains are running 20-35 minute late and water has logged in some low lying areas, however, traffic is running smoothly so far.

These rains have also helped in recharging most of the lakes in Mumbai thus decreasing chances of the sacristy of water in Mumbai. Mumbai Municipal Corporation has spent a huge amount of money to make Mumbai safe in heavy rains and so far, their claims are looking true. However, heavy rains for few more days will test their claims. Overall, these rains are good for Mumbai and Maharashtra, which is also seeing good rains in most parts.

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