Asia and terrorism

In recent times, Asia has become hub of terrorist activities and these terrorists are becoming threat for Asian people. Recent Bomb Blasts in major parts of India are also indicating towards this fact. Situation is also not smooth in Pakistan where Bomb blasts have become a common thing. Same situation we can find in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

Though, motives of terrorists may be different in different countries, however, they all are creating big threat for common people of Asia. Most of Asian governments have remained complete failure in controlling this problem and we are seeing terrorists constantly challenging security of people. Mostly, governments have their own reasons behind not putting full control on terrorism and in some countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan, government even do not have full control over many parts of country.

Mixture of religion and terrorism is also posing greater threat in front of these nations. High levels of illiteracy in these nations are among major reasons behind increase of terrorism in remote parts of nations. Moreover, smuggling of narcotic drugs is also on rise in these parts of world and this money is also helping terrorists. Some countries are also supporting terrorists for their different gains. Today, time has come when Asian nation should take concrete steps to fight this menace and make Asia a terrorism free world.

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