Monster of Montauk

Monster of Montauk Courtesy

We all have seen many monsters on big screen; however, so far no actual evidences are available about the existence of these monsters. Many people may have strong belief in their existence but so far very less hard evidences are present in front of us. Now, monsters are just imaginations of humans or they really exist. I do not have any answer of this question and this debate will continue for many more centuries.

However, recently people got a chance to see picture of one monster called monster of Montauk. News of monster in Montauk is broken by gossip blog, by posting a picture of strange creature which does not belong to any animal present on this world. Different people have different thoughts about this creature, some call this creature a dog without skin, some call it a tortoise without skin, some call it eagle dog, sea monster etc.

Many people even believe that it is just a work of advance technology, however, which posted this picture claim that this picture is true. Even few people are also present who have watched this monster. However, presently very less information is available about this monster which looks to have come from different plant. Moreover, reports are also present that US government animal testing facility is near this place where this monster was found.

Therefore, there are few chances that this animal may be a creation of some government experiment. This monster of Montauk city reminds us of famous series “X-files” which have also shown many strange creatures. So far, people are only guessing about the truth of this monster and giving more wings to their imaginations.
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