Simply Rare Twins (Watch)

Sometimes, nature does strange miracles in this world and one of such miracle is birth of two different coloured rare twins i.e. black and white in Germany. One twin has black skin like his mother, who is an African and other twin has white skin like his father, who is a German.

These twin brothers took birth on 11 July, 2008 to a German couple. The names of kids are Ryan and Leo. Leo has black skin and Ryan has white skin. Father Stephan and mother Florence both are surprised and happy on birth of these twins. According to doctors both these twins are now fine.

Birth of different skin coloured twins is a rare phenomenon (odds are only one in one million for these kind of twin to take birth), therefore, we are seeing attention of whole world on this issue.
Below in available video, people can watch these twins and their parents. This is really a great miracle of nature and they are truly rare twins on this planet.

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