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Politicizing Ram for political gains

We all are aware about the recent controversy over Ram Setu or Adams Bridge. Suddenly, there are two groups of the people, one for saving the Ram Setu and others for destroying it. However, the motive of both the groups is to get the benefit of this issue. DMK has its own compulsions of supporting the Sethu Samundaram project and nullifying the existence of Lord Rama because of its old anti-Rama stand which has helped DMK gaining victory in the previous elections. As per the Tamilnadu CM Karunanidhi, Ram is a mythical person and has never existed. By saying all this DMK’s supreme Karunanidhi is trying to polarise the voters in Tamilnadu and making a ground for his win in next elections. On the other side, BJP is finding this whole issue as a good opportunity to get back its lost Hindu vote bank. However, the problem is that nobody is thinking about the million of lord Rama devotees or about the truth of Ram Setu. Like the earlier anti-ram stands of DMK, DMK is again trying to construc

Watch third (29 Sep) episode of Nach Baliya 3

Enjoy the embed videos below the watch the third episode of Nach Baliya 3. This episode was aired on 29 sep. Video 1- Video 2- Also visit- Which is better Nach Baliye 3 or Jhalak Dikhlaja 2? Nach Baliye 3 and Jhalak DikhlaJa 2 are back to rock you Watch second (28 Sep) episode of Nach Baliya 3 Watch First (21 Sep) episode of Nach Baliya 3 Get all the latest information and videos of Nach Baliya 3 and Jhalak Dikhlaja 2

India-Australia ODI series first match washed out in rain

Today large number of Indian supporters missed the Indian inning in the India-Australia first ODI match in Bangalore which got washed away in the rain. The main attraction of the match remains the Australian inning in which Australian team made 307 runs for the loss of five wickets. India team had good opportunity to stop Australia from making big total, as Australia was 90-4 in 16th over. The major contribution in these scores is given by Michael Clarke, who scored 130 runs in 132 balls with the help of 10 fours and 3 sixes. Haddin also give good contribution of 69 runs in 83 balls. James Hopes also score fast 37 runs in just 25 balls to help Australia cross 300 run total. In reply to this big total India was on 9 run with the loss of Sachin Tendulkar wicket in 2.4 over when rain interrupted the game. Australian team must be upset from this sudden rain because they have good hopes of winning this game. Cricket fans need to wait till Oct 2 morning for watching another exciting match be

Mukesh Ambani's Life

Mukesh Ambani was born in the Aden city of Yemem on April 19, 1957. Hardly at that time anybody would have thought that Mukesh will one day become richest Indian in the world and 4rth richest person in the world. Though, Mukesh has inherited huge wealth of his father but still this a great achievement by him. Mukesh has really given good tribute to his father and founder of Relaince Industries Dhirubhai Ambani. Mukesh is mostly a shy person and remain away from the fun fare and media activities. At present, his wealth is estimated to be about $ 51.1 billion about 2 trillion Indian rupees. He is a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from Mumbai University. He also tried to get MBA degree from the Stanford Business school but left his course in the middle to insist his father. He joined Reliance industries in 1981 and worked at the different levels in the company finally rising to the highest position in the company. Mukesh is happily settled in his marriage life with wife Nita and three ki

Which is better Nach Baliye 3 or Jhalak Dikhlaja 2?

Both Nach Baliye 3 and Jhalak Dikhlaja 2 are present in front of the TV audience with their episodes. People can watch both these shows on the same days i.e. Friday and Saturday but at different times, Nach Baliye at 8 PM and Jhalak Dikhlaja at 9 PM. Both these shows have created lot of hype in the past and therefore people also have lot of expectations from their latest avatars. Both Nach Baliye and Jhalak Dikhlaja has made number of changes in their new versions like this Judges in both the shows are different and Jhalak Dikhlaja has increased the number of participants from 8 to 12. Both shows has tried to get the attention of public by adding big figures like Rakhi Sawant, Kashmera Shah, Shakti Kapoor in Nach Baliye and on the other hand Mika, Mir Ranjan Negi, Sudha Chandran ( dance with only one limb) in Jhalak Dikhlaja. If we consider all the good and bad points of both these shows then at present definitely Jhalak Dikhlaja has more weight in it than Nach Baliya and this differen

Nach Baliye 3 and Jhalak DikhlaJa 2 are back to rock you

Currently sequels of two dances based shows are ready to entertain the small TV audience of India and world. Nach Baliye from Sony entertainment television is again on the TV screen for the third time and Jhalak DikhlaJa for the second time. There are 10 couple (Jodi) participants in Nach Ballia which are either celebrity-wife or celebrity-husband or celebrity-lover. On the other hand there are 12 couple (Jodi) participants in Jhalak DikhlaJa where one participant is a celebrity and other is a choreographer. Presently there are six women celebrities and six men celebrities in Jhalak DikhlaJa. 10 (Jodi) participants of Nach Baliya 3 - 1) Rakhi Sawant and Abhishek Awasthi 2) Shweta Keswani and Alexx O'Neil 3) Karan Patel and Amita Chandekar 4) Shakti Kapoor and Shivangi Kapoor 5) Vikas Sethi and Amita Sethi 6) Karan Grover and Kavita Kaushik 7) Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda Sheikh 8) Kashmera Shah and Krushna Abhishek 9) Pooja Bedi and Hanif Hilal 10) Kiran Janjani and Ritu Janjani (first c

Watch second (28 Sep) episode of Nach Baliya 3

Enjoy the embed videos below the watch the second episode of Nach Baliya 3. This episode was aired on 28 Sep. Video 1- Video 2- Video 3- Video 4- ALso visit- Which is better Nach Baliye 3 or Jhalak Dikhlaja 2? Nach Baliye 3 and Jhalak DikhlaJa 2 are back to rock you Watch third (29 Sep) episode of Nach Baliya 3 Watch First (21 Sep) episode of Nach Baliya 3 Get all the latest information and videos of Nach Baliya 3 and Jhalak Dikhlaja 2

Watch First (21 Sep) episode of Nach Baliya 3

Enjoy the embed videos below the watch the first episode of Nach Baliya 3. This episode was aired on 21 sep. Video 1- Video 2- Video 3- Video 4- Also visit- Which is better Nach Baliye 3 or Jhalak Dikhlaja 2? Nach Baliye 3 and Jhalak DikhlaJa 2 are back to rock you Watch third (29 Sep) episode of Nach Baliya 3 Watch second (28 Sep) episode of Nach Baliya 3 Get all the latest information and videos of Nach Baliya 3 and Jhalak Dikhlaja 2

Who will win India-Australia ODI series?

India-Australia ODI cricket series which has started from today is going to be very interesting because both the teams will put their hard efforts to win this game. Both teams now hold a world champion title, as Australia is ODI world champion and India is fresh 20-20 world champion. However, if we see the records of the India verses Australia then Team Australia has good psychological advantage over India. Both teams has so far played 83 ODI matches and out of which Australia has won 51 matches as compared to only 27 wins by India including 5 draws. However, India has slightly better figure in home series where they have won 12 matches as compared 15 matches won by Australia out of total 30 matches played. Indian team has the advantage of the momentum and their good performance in the 20-20 world cup, which will definitely increase the chances for Indian team. Also its three main players Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Saurav Gangulay have good rest because of not playing in the

Aishwarya to perform Mumtaz in Ben Kingsley's Taj Mahal

Hardly any person on this earth has any doubts over the beauty of Aishwarya Rai/Bachan. This is her beauty and talent which separates her from the rest of the Indian actresses. Today Aishwaraya is not only a big Indian star but she has also acclaimed the status of an international star. Now one more event is again going to increase the international fame of Aishwarya Rai, as she is all set to perform the role of Mumtaz Mahal in the Ben Kingsley’s forthcoming movie TajMahal. Mumtaz Mahal is believed to be extraordinary beautiful women of her time. It was the beauty and love of Mumtaz Mahal which inspired ShahJahan to construct a Taj Mahal in her memory. In the present time, if we search for such a beautiful woman then definitely Aishwarya is the best choice for Ben Kingsley. The good combination of actor and beauty makes Aishwarya Rai perfect for this role and Ben Kingsley might have also thought in the similar way . Now you might be wondering that who is performing ShahJahan in this mo

Dhoni and Yuvraj to see rise in advertisement earnings

20-20 world cup has also bring with itself number of good gift for the leading Indian cricket stars like Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh. Already both Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh has earned crores of rupees in prizes for their brilliant performance in the twenty20 world cup. Now this peer is also all set to see huge jump in the amount of their advertising contacts. So far both Yuvraj and Dhoni were earning around Rs 75 lack from single ad and now advertisers have increased this amount to rupees Rs 1.25 crore. After the win in the 20-20 cup both Dhoni and Yuvraj singh have emerged as favourites of the cricket fans and therefore number of advertisers feel that it is right time to get their products endorsed from these stars. With this increase, this peer is all set to earn around Rs 40-50 crore per year from advertisements alone. This year has really provided very successful for this peer in term of earning good money. Already number of advertisements of Dhoni and Yuvraj are currently running on the T

Indian team for Australia-India ODI series and place and date of matches

Hardly people have forgotten the great win of India over the Australia in the twenty20 world cup semi final and now they have more fun waiting in front of them because Australian team is again in India to play 7 ODI matches and one 20-20 match on Oct 20 in Mumbai. Australian captain Ricky ponting after arriving in India said that world cup victory is now a past and his team will look this series in a fresh way. Mahendra Singh will be ODI captain and Yuvraj Singh his vice captain. With this series Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar and Sourave Ganguly will also be back in India team. However, other some 20-20 star players like Rohit Sharma, Joginder singh; Yusuf Pathan and Verinder Sehwag are left out of series. Ajit Agarkar and Munaf Patel are also left out of this series. All these ODI matches will come live on the NEO sports. Indian team for ODI-Mahendra Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, Gautam Gambhir, Robin Uthappa, Dinesh Karthik, Yuvraj Singh, Irfan Pathan, Rames

Unrest in Myanmar

One of our neighbouring nations Myanmar is presently moving through a bad time of violence and protests. Myanmar also has an old history of protests and violence against its army rulers. From many years, people of Myanmar are demanding freedom from army rulers and a democratic government. However, so far ruling junta in Myanmar is reluctant to leave the power and give way for the democracy. We all are already aware about Aung San Suu Kyi, who has won noble prize for fighting for the cause of democracy in Myanmar. This 62 year old women was mostly put under house arrest by the ruling junta for not allowing her to meet the public. This time, peace loving monks of Myanmar are taking this fight forward. Three day back millions of peace loving monks and college students came to the street for showing their protest against the ruling junta. They want better living conditions; military general to step down and end of military rule in Myanmar. After these protests, now there are news of wide s

Do we see all this in begging?

I think, we all India have learned to live with begging and we do not mind seeing large number of beggars in torn clothes and ugly faces begging in front of us. Begging has long history and tradition in India. In some religion, religious people used to collect their food by begging and rest of the time they devote to the meditation. Moreover, in number of religions, it is also believed rightful act to help the needy people by giving them money, cloth or food . However, today which beggars we see in front of us are not religious people or true needy person but some routine beggars whose job is to beg every day. In simple words, we can say that these beggars are earning their livelihood by begging. The amazing fact in this whole finding about begging is that “ Begging has even become a good earning source for number of people ”. There are number of beggars who move around us and look very needy and socially isolated but in reality they are biggest exploiters of human emotions. They prese

Mukesh Ambani is now Richest Indian in World

This news has one clear story to tell that now it is possible to make huge fortunes by staying in India. Early it was believed that for earning big money people are required to go abroad and this perception was also right to some extent as most of the earlier rich Indians were either NRIs or have good fortunes abroad. Now Mukesh Ambani has changed this whole belief by becoming the richest Indian of the world and 4rth richest person of the world. He has also become first person in India to cross 2 trillion rupees or $50 billion in net wealth. The major jump in the net wealth of the Mukesh Ambani has come from the rise in Indian stock market which is making new records. With this Ambani has also snatched richest Indian title from leading Indian NRI and steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal. Mukesh Ambani’s net wealth is estimated to be around $50.1 which is much higher than the net wealth of Mittal ($48.3 billion). This is a great jump by Mukesh Ambani in net wealth because as per the 03.08.07 rep

India Stock Market- BSE at 17000 and NSE at 5000

It is really hard to believe that the Indian stock market is skyrocketing with both NSE and BSE making new records. BSE is already above 17000 marks and NSE also touched today's 5000 mark. The increasing stock market of India is also indicating a booming Indian economy. However, still there are a number of apprehensions which remains in the mind of the small investors that this upward trend will continue or soon the market will take a corrective step. Even stock experts have different opinions on this whole matter. Some believe that the market will go further up till Deepawali and then take some corrections while others indicate towards a soon corrections in the market. The major boom in the market is created by the blue chip companies like Reliance, Satyam, TCS, Wipro, Bharti etc. The jump in the market has helped in increasing the wealth of the Indian industrialists. This increase in the share prices of the Reliance group of Industries has helped Reliance Industries Chairman Muke

Cricket is again a religion in India

We all are aware about the lacklustre performance by the Indian team in the ODI cricket world cup, which caused the early exist of India team from the World cup. This whole event created lot of hue and cry among the public and Indian public tried everything to punish their cricket star, from attacking the houses of the cricket player, burning their posters and dummies and organising cricket hate rallies. This thing also caused many people to move away from the game of cricket and big question mark comes on the popularity of cricket support in India. However, within few months things have changed again. In India cricket has again got its place back and it is again a religion in India. Thanks to the great win by Indian team in 20-20 world cup. Indian people who are known for their short memories have again forgotten the old past and once again cricket is a religion for them and cricket players like God. Today Dhoni and its young brigade is hot favourite for people and some people are so

Yuvraj Singh is a new Cricket Star

Today, Yuvraj Singh is the new star of Indian cricket. Yuvraj Singh’s 6 sixes in one over and two great innings in the world cup have made him the hero of Indian fans. The main point about the performance of this left hand batsman Yuvraj Singh is that Yuvraj delivered when India required him most. Born of 12 December, 1981, this Chandigarh boy has achieved great heights in this 20-20 world cup which very less cricketers of the future will be able to achieve again. Already his great performance has earned him prize of 1 crore rupees from BCCI and number of other prize too. This great performance of Yuvraj Singh really deserves it. Yuvraj Singh’s father Yograj Singh is also a former cricketer (fast bowler) and Punjabi film actor. After the completion of this 20-20 tournament large number of bowlers felt happy that Yuvraj did not hit 6 sixes in their over like he did to Stuart Broad of England. Yuvraj Singh is in Indian ODI team from since 2000, however he got chance to play his first tes

Rahul Ghandi is new Congress General Secretary

After remaining out of active politics and not accepting any post in the congress party, yesterday Rahul Gandhi entered in to active Indian politics when congress decided to make him General Secretary of the congress party. Though Rahul Gandhi has remained active member of Youth Congress, NSUI and CWC (Congress working committee) but this new job provides him a more leadership position in Congress. Numbers of news about giving a good position to Rahul Gandhi in the Congress party were already matter of discussion for last two years. With this now congress has hinted that next prime minister nominee from their side will be Rahul Gandhi. Moreover, congress has also tried to give a new youth centric look to itself with the induction Rahul and other youth leaders into AICC (All India Congress Committee). This new induction of Rahul also become important as there are apprehensions about early midterm elections and this appointment of Rahul Gandhi can also be seen in this prospective. Next m

M S Dhoni- new strong Indian Captain

In the recently held twenty20 cricket world cup, we saw a great captaincy from the Indian captain M S Dhoni. Today India is a 20-20 world Champion because of wise and skilled captaincy from the Dhoni. Dhoni is a major reason behind this great show by young Indian cricket team. Dhoni took number of bold decisions and devised new strategies, which helped India in winning this game. Most of the people have not expected such good captaincy from a young and new captain. However, Indian captain M S dhoni put all these people wrong by leading well his team to victory in 20-20 world cup. In the recent past, earlier Indian captains are not able to put any impressive show, where as M S dhoni has stolen the show in his first venture of captaincy. However, there might be certain more problems which can come in the way of Dhoni. Present 20-20 team mostly has young players, therefore it was quite easy for the Dhoni to motivate and lead them. Now in regular ODI matches, Dhoni will also have number of

Time for celebration

It is really a time for great celebrations in India because of the great win by Indian cricket in 20-20 world cup final. The other reason for more happiness among people is that India also defeated Pakistan in the world cup final. Therefore Indian people saw their two dreams becoming fulfilled, first India winning 20-20 world cup and second defeating Pakistan in the world cup final. From the yesterday night, there are lot of celebrations continuing in the different parts of India. According to the news reports, 40% of Indian population watch this match which clearly shows the importance of this match. People are really happy and there are number of preparations going on in different parts of India to welcome cricket team. Different state governments have also rewarded their respective players with number of incentives and cash prizes like 21 lakh rupees to Joginder Singh by Haryana government and State Ratna award to M S Dhoni. Read all the latest and interesting posts on the 20-20 cri

Videos of Final over and celebration

Today whole India saw a great celebration on the victory of Indian cricket team over the Pakistan in the 20-20 cricket world cup. This is one of the great matches of the world cup and cricket fans will definitely remember this match for long time to come. All these celebration also highlight that 20-20 cricket is going to be big hit in the coming day. People got good opportunity to watch short and exciting games of 20 over. Some of these 20 over matches are even more exciting than the 50 over matches. All the matches were full of number of sixes and fours, this is really an enjoyable experience to watch 20-20 cricket. Watch the interesting video of final moments of India win - Video of India team celebration - Watch India and Pakistan Inning by visiting- India is First 20-20 cricket world champion Read all the latest and interesting posts on the 20-20 cricket world cup

India is First 20-20 cricket world champion

Today India becomes the first twenty20 cricket world champion. India wins this match by 5 runs in the last over with three balls remaining. It is really very-2 interesting and exciting to watch this match live. Great performance by the Indian team, this is really a team win and not an individual player win. Irfan Pathan won the man of match for taking three important wickets and Shahid Afridi is given the match of the series title. India got the world cup trophy and prize of US $49,000 for winning this world cup. BCCI also announced prize of 2 million dollars as prize money and prize of Indian rupees one crore for Yuvraj Singh for hitting 6 sixes. Today India gave moderate total of 157 to Pakistan in 20-20 cricket world cup. Indian captain M S Dhoni after winning the toss decided to bat. Indian captain today make a surprise change by giving chance to Yusuf Pathan for opening Indian inning. Read more about it by visiting-India took surprise risk in the form Yusuf Pathan. Main attractio

India took surprise risk in the form Yusuf Pathan

Today in the 20-20 cricket match Indian captain M S Dhoni took strange risk in the form of Yusuf Pathan. Today Usuf Pathan comes to play in the first place with Gautam Gamber in the place of Virender Sehwag. Very less people and cricket experts must have expected this move by the Indian captain. Virender Sehwag is a quite experienced player as compared to Yusuf Pathan, therefore can have provided more help to the Indian team. However, M S Dhoni choose Yusuf Pathan in the place of Sehwag. Yusuf is also very attacking player, therefore we can hope to see some good fir from the bat of Yusuf Pathan. 24 year old Yusuf Pathan is a basically from Baroda and he is the brother of Pace bowler Irfan Pathan. He is a right hand batsman and today he is playing his first international match. He has remained a regular player in the Baroda team and shown a great performance in the Ranji Trophy matches. Read all the latest and interesting posts on the 20-20 cricket world cup

What will Yuvraj Singh do today?

Today, there is a great match between Indian and Pakistan and hopefully large number of people across the world will watch this match. Number of Indian fans will definitely want another super knock from their favourite star Yuvraj Singh. Yuvraj Singh has really emerged as a very effective player for India in the twenty20 matches. Yuvraj Singh has made two great knock against England and Australia in the 20-20 world cup which created ground for the win of Indian team. The major reason behind the success of Yuvraj Singh is his ability to knock fast runs in the short twentytwenty matches which provides a winning edge to India. Today we all will again like to see same batting performance from the Yuvraj on this special match. Pakistan has a good fast bowlers in its side, therefore Indian team is required to make a good total to defend it. Read all the latest and interesting posts on the 20-20 cricket world cup Yuvraj Singh now rocks in Test too

Prashant Tamang is new Indian Ideal

There is great news for the all the fans of the Prashant Tamang, that their favourite is now also 3rd Indian idol. Today in a mega show of Indian idol held in New Delhi, he was crowned the title of new Indian idol. This is a great victory for 24 year old simple West Bengal police constable. He basically hails from Darjeeling and was a part of police orchestra . Very less people will admit this fact that Prashant Tamang has not taken any formal training in music because of his poor condition and job, still Prashant gave a great performance with the help of Indian idol platform. Today his mother was also present in the show when his name as winner is announced. Both Prashant Tamang and his mother were not able to stop their tears on hearing this news. Second runner up in this competition is Amit Paul. The third Indian idol is decided on the highest SMS votes. In prize Prashant Tamang received a SX4 car from Maruti and I core rupees contract from the Sony. The other contestant Amit Paul

Read all the latest and interesting posts on the 20-20 cricket

Below are few of the interesting and latest posts on the 20-20 cricket world cup. People can also find some interesting videos with the help of these posts. 1) Indian supremacy in twenty20 cricket 2) Dhoni and Yuvraj to see rise in advertisement earnings 3) Cricket is again a religion in India 4) Yuvraj Singh is a new Cricket Star 5) M S Dhoni- new strong Indian Captain 6) Time for celebration 7) Videos of Final over and celebration 8) India is First 20-20 cricket world champion 9) Watch Live Score India Vs South Africa (ind vs sa) cricket world cup match 10) Who will win in India-Pakistan twenty20 world cup final? 11) Cricket Fever is back in India 12) Big day of India-Pakistan Final 13) Great win by India over Australia in twenty20 world cup semi-finals 14) Another great performance by Yuvraj Singh 15) Watch Live Score India Vs Australia (ind vs aus) Quarter final match CWC 2011 Watch Live Score India Vs Pakistan (ind vs pak) second Semi final match CWC 2011 17) F

Who will win in India-Pakistan twenty20 world cup final?

All the cricket fans want to know the result of 20-20 final match between India and Pakistan; however they are required to wait till tomorrow night for knowing the exact answer. It is oblivious that Indian fan will want that India should win this game and Pakistan fan will like to see win Pakistan winning this game. However tomorrow the winner team which will be which will play its best game. As per the statics and data available with us, India has slightly upper edge over Pakistan. India has not lost any game to Pakistan in the world cup for long time. Moreover India has also beaten Pakistan in the earlier group 20-20 matches. Therefore Indian team will definitely have more psychological advantage over the Pakistan. India has also beaten two strong teams of this world South Africa and Australia which will definitely provide more confidence to the India side. Most of the Indian players have now become sixer specialists and bowlers are also bowling very good spells which could be a sign

Cricket Fever is back in India

Visit- Timetable Cricket World Cup 2011 Watch Live Score All Matches Cricket World Cup 2011 After the yesterday’s win of India team over the Australia, in the present 20-20 cricket world cup, has again given India cricket fans a chance to enjoy this game. After the earlier exist of the India from ODI cricket world cup early this year many fans stopped enjoying this game and turned them away from the game. Now after this thrilling win over Australia in the twenty20 world cup semi-final, India team has again won back the hearts of their fans and there are good chances that most of the fans will come back to support their team in the final. Read more about the India-Australia match by visiting- Great win by India over Australia in twenty20 world cup semi-finals . In this match, India team showed a great performance to beat the world top team. Australia has never dreamt that they will be thrown out of the game by a team of young and non experienced players. Second good news for the crick

Big day of India-Pakistan Final

Tomorrow on 24th, Monday both India and Pakistan will face each other in the Final of the twenty20 cricket world cup. This match will start as per Indian times on 5:15 PM and will be coming live on both start sports and ESPN. From last many years, cricket fans are waiting for any such day where they can watch match between these two teams in a big event. Both India and Pakistan have faced each other in several world cup matches but for long time fans have missed the opportunity of watching them in any big event. In last ODI cricket world cup due to the early exist of both the teams from the world cup, people are not able to watch any game between the two nations. Pakistan and India match has always remain a high voltage show with fans of both sides always remain exciting to watch these matches. This time, this is a mega event when both the teams will face each other in the final of the 20-20 world cup and it is first time in the history of the cricket when these teams are facing each o

Great win by India over Australia in twenty20 world cup semi-finals

Today’s win of India over the Australia in the twenty20 world cup semi-final is really a great win and it showed that young Indian team is in full momentum. India beat the present ODI cricket world campaigns and most favourite team of this 20-20 world cup, Australia by 15 runs. Australia is presently the best team in the international cricket and therefore any win over them is really a great achievement. The main attraction of this game is also super sixer man Yuvraj Singh, who again played a fantastic knock of 70 runs. Read- Another great performance by Yuvraj Singh for knowing more about it. Over all this is a great performance from the whole team where every player put his hard work to ensure the win of Indian team. Indian team after winning the toss decided to bat first and made 188 for the loss of five wickets which includes the 70 runs from Yuvraj Singh. Table of India team (run/balls) G Gambhir – 24/25, V Sehwag- 9/13, R Uthappa- 34/28, Yuvraj Singh- 70/30, M S Dhoni- 36/

Another great performance by Yuvraj Singh

Today Indian cricket star Yuvraj Singh again gave great performance in the twenty20 world cup semi-final. Yuvraj Singh made 70 run in just 30 bolls with the help of 5 sixes and 5 fours. This is really a great performance which Indian fans will find very difficult to forget. These 70 runs by the Yuvraj Singh helped India in making 188 for the loss of 5 wickets. This inning of the Yuvraj Singh also include the longest or biggest six of the 20-20 world cup. Without this great inning of the Yuvraj Singh, it was nearly impossible for India to pose a big total of 188 to Australia. Today India may win or lose this game but this inning of Yuvraj Singh will be always remembered for the long time. Also read- Yuvraj Singh now rocks in Test too Great win by India over Australia in twenty20 world cup semi-finals Finally India reached the semi-finals of 20-20 world cup Twenty-twenty (20-20) World cup- A new chapter in World cricket Watch Live Score India Vs Pakistan (ind vs pak) second Semi fi

Who will win in India-Australia Semi Final?

Today India and Australia will take each other in the 20-20 cricket world semi-final match. Both teams will try their best to win this game and enter into final. So far Australia is hot favourite team of this world cup and many cricket experts believe that Australia can win this 20-20 world cup. Australia is also a present ODI cricket world cup campaign and therefore Australia will try to win this game too. On the other hand, Indian is full of number of young player who are ready to put any hard effort to win this game. Already India has shown some glimpse of their fire by showing South Africa way out from this world. Few days back South Africa was also believed one of the hot favourite team to win this 20-20 world cup. Moreover, by winning this 20-20 world cup, India team can easily wash the bad memories of early exit of India from the ODI world cup. At present both India-Australia have equal chances of winning this game but Australia has slightly more advantage of experienced players

Review movie-LOINS OF PUNJAB

By reading this title, it looks that this movie must be made exclusively for the people of Punjab. However, this is not true but this movie is about people from cross cultures living in United States. This movie provides a great laughter package in front of us, as we mostly go on laughing during the whole movie. Even this movie has tried to go beyond its laughter image and raise number of issues which many NRIs are facing. Overall this is a light weight, good humoured and well presented movie which need at least one visit from us in the theatres. There are number of good attractions in this movie like English man singing Indian National anthem, glimpse of Punjabi and Guajarati cultures and small reality of our society. If anybody who is feeling bored can laugh for few hours by watching this movie. Director Manish Acharya has really done a good job with this film. Though it is not an extraordinary movie or a new story but good acting and comedy really makes this movie a good package. Th

Increasing acceptance for the laptops

Laptops have become a big reality in the present world and large numbers of people across the world are using laptops for their various computing needs. Laptops have really revolutionised our thinking about the computers. Due to number of advantages attached with laptops, large numbers of people are becoming attracted towards the laptops. Today laptops have become integral part of life of every person. Recently with the entry of student laptop in the market, laptops have found more space for them in the computer market. Today laptops are available for every person’s usage and needs. We can easily see this difference by visiting a nearest Laptop Shop which remain full with number of different kind of the laptops. Present generation of laptops is very sleek, lightweight, stylish and really powerful. Therefore we can see a more acceptance for the laptops in the future.

Time table of Semi-finals and Final of 20-20 cricket world cup

Final countdown of the 20-20 cricket world cup has now started, as tomorrow (22th, Saturday) results of the both semi-finals will decide the two teams to play in the final of 20-20 cricket world cup. First match will be between Pakistan and New Zealand in Cape Town . This match will start as per Indian time on 4:15 PM will be shown live on Espn and star sports. Second semi-final match will be between India and Australia in Durban and it will start on 9:15 PM . This match will also be shown live on both star sports and Espn. Therefore tomorrow, people can hope to watch the full blast of 20-20 cricket. Final match will be on 24th, Monday between the two teams which will win tomorrow. This match will be played in Johannesburg. This match will start on 5 PM and people can also watch this match on the star sports and Espn. (Times shown are as per Indian standards) Also read- Timetable Cricket World Cup 2011 Watch Live Score All Matches Cricket World Cup 2011 Read all the latest and int

Watch the live concert of Bruce Springsteen

Every person loves to listen great singer Bruce Springsteen and due to this reason we find so much rush in his live concerts and most of times rush in his concerts is so high that we find it difficult to get Tickets for the event. All this shows the popularity of the Bruce Springsteen among the people. Bruce has large number of live concerts in the locations, cities like SAP Arena, Mannheim; Kölnarena, Cologne; Odyssey, Belfast; Paris-Bercy, Paris and O2 Arena, London in the coming December. These events will start from the 2nd of the December and will end on 19th of December. Therefore all the people who love Bruce Springsteen can advance book the Concert Tickets to avoid missing the show of their favourite star due to huge rush. People can easily buy advance tickets for the show with the help of, which is a prime online seller of tickets for the various concerts, sport events and other events of Importance etc. People can check this site for getting the tickets of their

Finally India reached the semi-finals of 20-20 world cup

This is really great news for all Indian that our cricket team has reached the semi-finals of the 20-20 cricket world cup. With this Indian cricket team is also able to wash the bad memories of early exist of India from the ODI cricket world cup. Today India beat South Africa, hot favourites of this game, by 37 runs. With this India sealed its place in semi-finals of the 20-20 world cup. Now India will take the Australia in semi-finals which is already a world Campion of ODI games and they are also rated highly to win this world cup too. In this world cup, India has sent its new team which is full of young players under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Major three pillars of the Indian cricket Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly are kept out of this team for giving chance to the young players. Today with this win, these young players have also shown that they can also win game without the big names. Moreover this world cup is also full of number of records like six

Twenty-twenty (20-20) World cup- A new chapter in World cricket

Twenty-twenty cricket has really added a new chapter in the world of cricket. Present ongoing 20-20 cricket world cup is already a big hit among the cricket fans across the world. Large numbers of people are finding this format very attractive to enjoy cricket. With this cricket has travelled a great distance from 9 day matches to half day 20-20 over matches. In the begging, cricket was only limited to few people and there was no audience attached to it, therefore it possible at that time to have 9 day long matches. Then comes the time of five days long matches or popularly known as test matches. This five day match format got good acceptance and audience also liked it. Soon due to the shortage of time people also started finding it difficult to watch five day long matches and then ICC (International Cricket Council) gave birth to one day cricket matches or ODIs. First ODI were introduced with 60 over’s format but soon shorten to 50 format which we mostly see today. Now with the introd

Swami Ramdev and spread of Yoga and Ayurveda

Swami Ramdev has really emerged as a big name in the world sphere for his contributions in Ayurveda and Yoga. Yoga and Ayurveda are not new things for India but for number of years, both Ayurveda and yoga have remained in the neglected state. Baba Ramdev whose whole life is dedicated to Ancient Indian traditions took the cause of both Ayurveda and yoga well by aggressively promoting it around the world. Today large numbers of people from around the world have come more near to the Ayurveda and yoga, thanks to dedicated efforts of Swami Ramdev. Swami Ramdev has great knowledge about the various ancient yoga and ayurveda techniques. He has a great command over Sanskrit knowledge and studied and taught various Indian traditional texts. Founder member of Divya Yoga Mandir and Patanjali Yogpeeth trusts, Baba Ramdev is spreading Yoga and Ayurveda across the world with help of them by providing free teaching of Yoga to people. Baba Ramdev is also conducting Yoga camps across India and world f

Memories of Childhood

Every person wants to save his childhood memories because mostly childhood memories are our best memories of life. In childhood, we are mostly free from the worries of the world and therefore we get more chance to live our lives as we like. My childhood life is also full of number of sweet memories. I still remember the time when I used to play jigsaw puzzle with my friends. At that age, I have only one passion to play and more play. Really what a cool life was that and today it is nearly impossible for me live like that time again. Today, I have only option available with me is to think about the childhood times.

No improvement Life of an ordinary man in India

In the last few years, India has seen a give progress in all spheres of life. This progress has put India in the world’s growth map. With this progress, number of rich peoples and overall prosperity of Indians have increased significantly. However, the life of ordinary man has not seen any big changes. Life for any ordinary man is still same like which it used to in previous years. Ordinary man in India is still struggling for the basic things like food, water, electricity and cooking gas. Even after the many years of computerisation long lines have not become shorter. It is still hard to get a gas cylinder, pay electricity bill and buy a home for ordinary man. Food items are becoming expensive day by day. Even we can say that life of ordinary man is becoming more difficult. One the major reason behind this could be uneven distribution of wealth among the people. There are still millions of people in India who earning less than 20 rupees ($ .5) per day and while on the other hand there

Do we ever know the truth of Ram Setu?

Picture taken by Nasa of Ram Setu All of us must be aware about the latest controversy on the Ram Setu, a natural structure which connects India with the Sri Lanka. Last week on its first affidavit filed in Supreme Court government said that there is no proof of existence of lord Rama or Ram Setu. After the major Hue and Cry by opposition and people of Hindu community, government took u-turn on its stand and decided to file a new affidavit in the court and also suspended to two ASI officers. This whole controversy started when NASA released the photographs of some kind of structure under the sea connecting India and Sri Lanka. The structure completely looks like a bridge inside the sea like one constructed by vaanar sena of Ram in Ramayana. At present, it is difficult to tell that this bridge is made by Lord Rama’s sena or it is a natural structure. However, the major concern in this whole matter is that government does not have done any study on Ram setu before submitting their affid

Looking for perfection

It is the duty of every individual to look for perfection in his life because in this way he or she can attain a good height in his or her life and career. There is no place for imperfect people in this world and soon these people are replaced with more perfect people. This whole world is moving in this way and it is not possible for us to change it. Only we can think about changing ourselves and thus making ourselves more perfect human beings. Perfection really need to sure and fast success in life and therefore any person who is looking for success must develop perfection in his life.

Why English movies audience is angry with PVR and Waves?

Recently Ludhiana got two multiplexes in the form of PVR Cinemas, Flamez Mall and Waves Cinemas, The West End Mall. Most of the people in Ludhiana are happy that now they will be able to watch newer movies with the world class comfort. With the opening these two multiplexes, people of Ludhiana have the hope of watching all the movies which they are missing so for. Mostly English and low budget good movies are not screened in Ludhiana earlier due to the shortage of the theatres for them. Therefore people of the Ludhiana mostly remain away from watching these movies. Now with the opening of these two multiplexes, people have the hope that they will be now able to see these movies also. However, the English movies lovers are not so happy with the present strategy of these multiplexes because after initial screening of few English movies they are only showing regular big Hindi budget movies. Due to this number of English movie lovers are angry with this strategy adopted by the PVR and Wave

Progress of world on the cost of environment

It is good news for all of us that we are growing and with us our whole world is growing. Present human is moving toward a world which is full of number of things for his comfort. Today we have fast moving trains, good roads, big shopping facilities, stylish apartments to live and big parks to move. However we all never realise this factor that all this is happening on the cost of environment. Our forests are forced to shrink and further shrink. Numbers of animal species are becoming extinct or are totally removed from this world due to this progress. Progress is not a bad thing, we need progress but this exploitation of the environment on the name of progress is not a right thing we are doing. If we people continued with this unplanned progress then one day we will be the only creatures alive on this world.

Do we have Solutions for begging problem in India?

It is very easy to find number of beggars across us every day begging for few rupees. Mostly these beggars are found in dirty and torn cloths and they ask for one or two rupees from us. Many people among us give these beggars these rupees by feeling sympathetic towards them. However, no person knows the fact that by giving these few rupees they are not actually helping these beggars but they are making them dependable on begging. Solution for solving this problem could be only providing large scale humanitarian help to these people. Today begging has established deep roots in our society with many people finding begging a good option of earning money. Learn more about the begging in India by visiting this link. This problem of begging needs many actions from our society, people and government simultaneously. Large number of innocent children and people are forced in to this profession every year by our society and begging mafias but apathy is that nobody wants to raise this issue. The