Mukesh Ambani's Life

Mukesh Ambani was born in the Aden city of Yemem on April 19, 1957. Hardly at that time anybody would have thought that Mukesh will one day become richest Indian in the world and 4rth richest person in the world. Though, Mukesh has inherited huge wealth of his father but still this a great achievement by him. Mukesh has really given good tribute to his father and founder of Relaince Industries Dhirubhai Ambani.

Mukesh is mostly a shy person and remain away from the fun fare and media activities. At present, his wealth is estimated to be about $ 51.1 billion about 2 trillion Indian rupees. He is a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from Mumbai University. He also tried to get MBA degree from the Stanford Business school but left his course in the middle to insist his father. He joined Reliance industries in 1981 and worked at the different levels in the company finally rising to the highest position in the company.

Mukesh is happily settled in his marriage life with wife Nita and three kids (two boys and one girl). This 50 year old businessman from India has really achieved great heights in life which remains dream for large number of people. The good point about the Mukash Ambani is that he has helped millions of people across the world in achieving their dreams by providing them right working opportunities in his company. Mukesh Ambani has not only created wealth for himself but he has also created huge wealth for India and large number of Indians.

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