Mukesh Ambani is now Richest Indian in World

This news has one clear story to tell that now it is possible to make huge fortunes by staying in India. Early it was believed that for earning big money people are required to go abroad and this perception was also right to some extent as most of the earlier rich Indians were either NRIs or have good fortunes abroad. Now Mukesh Ambani has changed this whole belief by becoming the richest Indian of the world and 4rth richest person of the world. He has also become first person in India to cross 2 trillion rupees or $50 billion in net wealth. The major jump in the net wealth of the Mukesh Ambani has come from the rise in Indian stock market which is making new records. With this Ambani has also snatched richest Indian title from leading Indian NRI and steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal. Mukesh Ambani’s net wealth is estimated to be around $50.1 which is much higher than the net wealth of Mittal ($48.3 billion). This is a great jump by Mukesh Ambani in net wealth because as per the 03.08.07 report of the Forbes magazine Mukesh Ambani was at 14 place with net wealth of $20.1 billion and he has seen a 2.5 time increase in his wealth in few months. We all Indian can feel proud that now India is full of rich people and huge wealth, therefore soon we may not be required to look towards the west for making fortunes. With this huge success of Mukesh Ambani, we can congratulate him and hope that he will also become the world richest person and first Indian to do so.


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