Review movie-LOINS OF PUNJAB

By reading this title, it looks that this movie must be made exclusively for the people of Punjab. However, this is not true but this movie is about people from cross cultures living in United States. This movie provides a great laughter package in front of us, as we mostly go on laughing during the whole movie.

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Even this movie has tried to go beyond its laughter image and raise number of issues which many NRIs are facing. Overall this is a light weight, good humoured and well presented movie which need at least one visit from us in the theatres. There are number of good attractions in this movie like English man singing Indian National anthem, glimpse of Punjabi and Guajarati cultures and small reality of our society.

If anybody who is feeling bored can laugh for few hours by watching this movie. Director Manish Acharya has really done a good job with this film. Though it is not an extraordinary movie or a new story but good acting and comedy really makes this movie a good package. This comedy movie score over all the other comedy released in recent week.

Score- 3/5

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