Do we have Solutions for begging problem in India?

It is very easy to find number of beggars across us every day begging for few rupees. Mostly these beggars are found in dirty and torn cloths and they ask for one or two rupees from us. Many people among us give these beggars these rupees by feeling sympathetic towards them. However, no person knows the fact that by giving these few rupees they are not actually helping these beggars but they are making them dependable on begging. Solution for solving this problem could be only providing large scale humanitarian help to these people. Today begging has established deep roots in our society with many people finding begging a good option of earning money. Learn more about the begging in India by visiting this link. This problem of begging needs many actions from our society, people and government simultaneously. Large number of innocent children and people are forced in to this profession every year by our society and begging mafias but apathy is that nobody wants to raise this issue. The number of people who are coming forward for the help of beggars can be counted on the fingers. Begging has today become a big question mark on our human values and right of every individual. Even after 60 years of independence, there is large Indian population which is away from basic benefits. Now if these people choose the path of begging then who is actually responsible? It is duty of every Indian to show commitment in stopping this human exploitation and making India a beggary free nation.

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