Cricket Fever is back in India

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After the yesterday’s win of India team over the Australia, in the present 20-20 cricket world cup, has again given India cricket fans a chance to enjoy this game. After the earlier exist of the India from ODI cricket world cup early this year many fans stopped enjoying this game and turned them away from the game. Now after this thrilling win over Australia in the twenty20 world cup semi-final, India team has again won back the hearts of their fans and there are good chances that most of the fans will come back to support their team in the final. Read more about the India-Australia match by visiting- Great win by India over Australia in twenty20 world cup semi-finals. In this match, India team showed a great performance to beat the world top team. Australia has never dreamt that they will be thrown out of the game by a team of young and non experienced players. Second good news for the cricket fans is that they will now watch final between India and Pakistan on tomorrow at 5.15 PM in Johannesburg. Cricket fans in the region have long desire to watch these two teams playing in the finals of a big tournament. India cricket fans will want that India again show a good performance in the final match and defeat Pakistan.

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