India Stock Market- BSE at 17000 and NSE at 5000

It is really hard to believe that the Indian stock market is skyrocketing with both NSE and BSE making new records. BSE is already above 17000 marks and NSE also touched today's 5000 mark. The increasing stock market of India is also indicating a booming Indian economy. However, still there are a number of apprehensions which remains in the mind of the small investors that this upward trend will continue or soon the market will take a corrective step. Even stock experts have different opinions on this whole matter. Some believe that the market will go further up till Deepawali and then take some corrections while others indicate towards a soon corrections in the market. The major boom in the market is created by the blue chip companies like Reliance, Satyam, TCS, Wipro, Bharti etc. The jump in the market has helped in increasing the wealth of the Indian industrialists. This increase in the share prices of the Reliance group of Industries has helped Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani become the world’s richest Indian overtaking the earlier richest Indian Lakshmi Mittal. However, on the other hand, ordinary people of India have not earned much from all this because most of the shares in the stock market belong to the rich class of society. Definitely, few middle-class people who have invested in these shares must have benefited from this stock market rise. The present situation could be slightly tricky and investors are required to be a little wit patient to avoid early purchase or selling.

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