Twenty-twenty (20-20) World cup- A new chapter in World cricket

Twenty-twenty cricket has really added a new chapter in the world of cricket. Present ongoing 20-20 cricket world cup is already a big hit among the cricket fans across the world. Large numbers of people are finding this format very attractive to enjoy cricket. With this cricket has travelled a great distance from 9 day matches to half day 20-20 over matches. In the begging, cricket was only limited to few people and there was no audience attached to it, therefore it possible at that time to have 9 day long matches. Then comes the time of five days long matches or popularly known as test matches. This five day match format got good acceptance and audience also liked it. Soon due to the shortage of time people also started finding it difficult to watch five day long matches and then ICC (International Cricket Council) gave birth to one day cricket matches or ODIs. First ODI were introduced with 60 over’s format but soon shorten to 50 format which we mostly see today. Now with the introduction these small 20 over matches, ICC has again given cricket a new turn and today there are lot of possibilities that people will like 20-20 matches similarly as they liked the ODI format. Before the starting of the 20-20 cricket world cup lot of people has suspicions over their success of this format but now after the overwhelming response of the people, it looks that 20-20 cricket is going stay for long in cricket world.

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